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Benjamin Steel Names New President

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Benjamin Steel Company has appointed Nick Demana CEO and Dan Kelly president of the Springfield, Ohio-based service center company. Kelly becomes the first person outside the Demana family to serve as president.

“We have grown tremendously through the years, and because of the strength of our entire team, this is the right time for this change,” said Demana. “Moving fully into the role of CEO will give me the time I need to focus on growth and strategy, and with Dan leading daily operations, I am confident we will see even bigger growth and success in the future.”
Demana grew up in the family business, and he and his sister, Teresa Demana, are third-generation owners. He started his full-time career in 1989 and was named president in 1999. Since then he has guided the company to continued growth, including leading the acquisition of wholly owned subsidiary Frederick Steel in 2013, as well as advancing and enhancing the company’s value-added processing capabilities.  

Kelly has been with the company for more than 30 years, and has worked in various positions in sales, branch management, and purchasing and materials management. In addition to serving as senior vice president, vice president of operations for the past 10 years, he has been president of Frederick Steel since the acquisition. In preparation for this transition, Kelly recently completed the Strategic Metals Management Course at Washington University’s Olin School of Business.  

“I am grateful for this opportunity, and I understand the significance of this change,” said Kelly. “I look forward to leading the company and our incredible team through this transition and well into the future, as we continue on our growth path.”  

Demana said not much will change with how the company operates on a daily basis. “We want to make sure everyone understands this is a change in responsibilities, and Teresa and I are not leaving, retiring or selling. As a company we will continue to provide the same high level of customer service our customers know and expect.”

Benjamin Steel supplies carbon plate, shapes, pipe, tube, and other products to various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, construction, and many others

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