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Caldwell Adds Second BySmart Laser Cutter

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The Caldwell Group has added a second Bystronic laser machine to its steel service center. The BySmart cutting system was installed in August, alongside a smaller BySpeed unit, as the manufacturer of lifting and rigging equipment continues to invest in state-of-the-art, Swiss-made sheet lasers, tube lasers and press breaks.

Both machines can cut up to 60-inch by 120-inch plate. The existing BySpeed machine can cut up to ¾ inches, and can only work with mild steel, while the newer BySmart can cut up to one inch and can also work with stainless steel, aluminum and copper. The technology starts the manufacturing process for pretty much all of Caldwell’s range.  

“This is a major part of our business. When we only had one cutter, when it went down or was being maintained, it became a real Achilles heel. Previously, we would cut what we could on the older laser and anything over 3/4-in. would be flame-cut and machined internally,” says Thaddeus Grzeskowiak, plant manager at Caldwell.

The pair of Bystronic laser machines play a role in every product the company offers – from its tea-cup concrete pipe carriers to its spreader and lifting beams. They are operated by a single full-time operator and two others that step in from elsewhere on the production line, as demand rises. Programming, meanwhile, is split between manufacturing and engineering divisions.

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