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JM Steel Orders RBI Slitter for Sinton Facility

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Red Bud Industries has received an order for a Heavy Gage Slitting Line from JM Steel to be installed at the company’s new service center facility in Sinton, Texas. The new line is capable of processing material up to 0.500-inch thick by 84 inches wide, with a maximum coil weight of 105,000 pounds.

The system will feature hands-free push button strip threading from the uncoiler to the recoiler, allowing the operator to thread the coil without coming in contact with the strip. The new line also includes automatic coil loading and a semi-automatic packaging line.

Other features include a coil stage and load system, dual-cone uncoiler, peeler breaker, entry crop shear, two packed arbor slitting heads, scrap choppers, tensioner system, roller leaveler, exit crop shear, exit coil lift and turnstile.

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