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LPT Expanding Operations in Staunton

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Longstanding, national steel distributor Livingston Pipe & Tube, Inc. has expanded operations in Southern Illinois by acquiring a new plant in Staunton, Ill.


The 24-acre industrial site was built in 1965 and features a 132,000-square-foot warehousing facility. LPT’s main location in Staunton is a just across Route 4 from the new plant, allowing LPT to easily transfer some essential operations to the new building. The investment will improve LPT’s operational structure and provide great opportunity for LPT to continue to expand in its marketplace, executives claim.


“This was the dream listing for us, and we are excited about all the doors this opens for LPT. The plant is essentially turnkey and significantly expands our storage and processing capabilities,” said Ron Mueller, CEO and majority shareholder of LPT. “We currently have a second facility in Hillsboro, so the opportunity to bring our inventory and employees across the street from our main plant and offices was a no-brainer. The potential to add new products and improve our service structure was the driving force in the investment.”


In addition to improving LPT from an operational standpoint, the purchase was also an opportunity for LPT to upgrade its facilities while continuing to support the local community. Founded in 1978, LPT has been one of the city of Staunton’s largest employers with approximately 60 employees.

Livingston Pipe and Tube Inc. is a full-service carbon steel pipe and tube distributor. The company services all of the United States and offers a variety of services, including industrial band saw cutting to machine threading and painting.