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Majestic Partners with National Diversity Council

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Majestic Steel has entered a partnership with the National Diversity Council as part of the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The NDC, founded in 2008, brings together private, public and non-profit sectors to foster an understanding of diversity and inclusion as a “dynamic strategy for business success and community well-being through various initiatives.”

The partnership was spearheaded by Majestic's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a cross-functional committee dedicated to awareness, collaboration and impact through a collective shared passion – advancing diversity and inclusion at Majestic.

"Since our inception in 1979, Majestic has been committed to the dignity, respect and inclusion of each and every associate," said Joe Cohen, executive vice president, People Strategy. "I am very excited about Majestic's recent partnership with NDC because they have cultivated an extremely strong nationwide network of state and regional councils that promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace and communities where we operate our three largest facilities – Cleveland, Houston and Tampa.”

As part of the company's partnership, Majestic COO Dave Kipe has been appointed to the NDC's Board of Directors to help govern the Diversity Council and set the strategy for key initiatives and goals of the Council.  "It is an honor and a privilege to represent Majestic on the Board of Directors for the NDC," said Dave Kipe.  I am proud to work for a company that is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are welcomed from associates throughout the entire organization."

Additionally, several Majestic associates will serve on the board of directors for the Ohio, Texas and Florida Diversity Councils as well as advisory board members on the Cleveland, Houston and Tampa City Diversity Councils.

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