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Metal Supermarkets to Open Ventura, Calif., Location

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Metal Supermarkets will open its newest location in Ventura County, Calif., March 11. The metal supplier is set to become the one-stop shop for local professionals, businesses and hobbyists alike, offering speed, variety and convenience.

As the fourth Metal Supermarkets location in California, Metal Supermarkets Ventura County offers 8,000 types, shapes and grades of metal, cut to each customer’s exact specifications. Brandishing its signature, world-class customer service, Metal Supermarkets will be the trusted metals supplier for local manufacturers, machinists, maintenance and repair, artists, hobbyists, tool and die shops and more in Ventura County, the company claimed.

Metal Supermarkets stores specialize in the sales and distribution of a wide range of metal, including hot- and cold-rolled steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, brass and more. Various shapes such as bar, tube, angle, channel, sheet and plate are stocked to meet the needs of a wide and diverse variety of customers that require these essential products.

Metal Supermarkets Ventura County is owned and operated by Andrew Harding, a sales and marketing leader with more than 11 years of experience. Harding brings expertise in customer service, sales operations, marketing strategy, inventory management and team leadership to his new role at Metal Supermarkets.

“With customer service being at the center of everything I do, I am excited to provide local businesses and consumers with fast access to the highest quality metal products,” said Harding. “Metal Supermarkets Ventura County is dedicated to providing a hassle-free metal-buying experience for our customers, giving them quick access to any type of metal, cut-to-size, for whatever job or project they have on the go.”