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Photo courtesy Braner/Loopco

Metalwest Installs Braner Flying Shear CTL Line

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Braner/Loopco, Schiller Park, Ill., has installed and commissioned a Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line at Metalwest’s Ogden, Utah, coil processing and metal distribution center.  The CTL Line has the ability to process coated carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy coil in widths to 72 inches in gauges from 0.015 inches to 0.135 inches.

The line features a precision hydraulic CNC Cassette Leveler fitted with two quick-change leveler cassettes capable of leveling a gauge and materials range that would require two ordinary fixed roll levelers installed in tandem.  Additional features include PVC and paper interleaving for non-ferrous products, a Hi-Performance Servo Flying Shear that eliminates need for a looping pit, on-the-fly part reject, a Double Stacker for improved productivity, and a wide range of operator friendly automation that enhances production efficiency.  

The unique Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line was completely installed on Metalwest’s flat floor with no deep looping pit, no equipment foundations, and no elevated concrete pads, all of which magnify equipment installation cost and time.