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MidWest Materials Purchases RBI CTL Line

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MidWest Materials, Inc., a steel service center in Perry, Ohio, has purchased a Red Bud Industries 0.750-inch by 78-inch by 80,000-pound  heavy gauge Cut-To-Length Line with a 30-foot Stretcher Leveler. The hybrid system has the ability to operate in start/stop mode when running thicker materials and in looping mode for 0.375-inch and thinner material. Loop mode significantly increases productivity and throughput while stretching.


The new line will feature Red Bud’s Pop Top Flattener. The unit allows the top crown and work rolls to be opened with a push of a button for cleaning or maintenance. In addition, the Prime Shear includes a quick-change blade feature that minimizes downtime during blade changes. The Stretcher Leveler also includes a powered gripper extraction system. Although the grippers typically do not require changing for up to a year or more, the extraction system further minimizes downtime when the grippers are changed.


The new line also includes a Continuous Stacking System, which allows virtually nonstop operation even when discharging finished stacks. When a stack is completed, the line momentarily stops, but is quickly restarted and continues to operate while the stack is removed.     


The new equipment also consists of a Dual Cone Uncoiler, Peeler, Rotating Brush Dust Collector System, Thread System, Servo Roll Feed, Variable Rake Shear with quick change blades, a Heavy Gauge Drop Stacker with Continuous Stacking feature, and Floor Rollout Conveyors.

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