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National Material Processing Revamping Facility

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Samuel Nelson Technology will revamp the National Material Processing Plant No. 1 in Chicago. The revamp follows the installation of three new Turbo Tunnel pickling tanks in 2019.

The new project scope includes replacement of four pickling tanks with the Turbo Tunnel double cover system designed by Samuel Nelson Technology. The Turbo Tunnel design of a pickling tank reduces acid and natural gas consumption as well as emissions from the scrubber stack while improving pickling quality, Samuel claims.

Additionally, the project will involve installation of a four-stage flood rinse system.
Based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Samuel Nelson Technology has provided steel pickling services to the metals industry for more than 45 years. Samuel Nelson Technology designs and builds pickling processes for push/pull, semi continuous and continuous systems and specializes in revamping existing pickling line systems.

National Material Processing is part of National Material LP, one of the largest suppliers of steel products in North America, with three service centers, five steel processing sites and three stainless and alloy facilities.

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