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New Traverse Winding Equipment on Line at Copper and Brass Sales Facility

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The new Burghardt + Schmidt traverse winding equipment is now live at the Bolingbrook, Ill., facility of thyssenkrupp Materials NA, Copper and Brass Sales.  The new traverse winder is fully automated with programmable software for a high level of repeatability and consistency.

"Traverse winding reduces set-ups and changeovers in the production process and helps lower manufacturing costs for our customers. This new state-of-the-art winder helps ensure we provide the highest quality product is every time,” said Rob Carlson, North American Red Metal strip sales manager for Copper and Brass Sales.  

The Bolingbrook facility’s new traverse winder’s capabilities include a width range of 0.200 inches through 2 inches, a gauge range of 0.005 inches through 0.095 inches, reel sizes up to 4,000 pounds in a traditional spool package and a 16-inch cardboard core package with selectable core width.

The newest traverse winder further enhances the company’s red metal strip processing facility in Bolingbrook, an 80,000 square feet building with more than 2 million pounds of inventory. Red metal products available include copper, brass, bronze, and high- performance alloys.  Slitting capabilities include double looping pit slitters with shimless tooling.


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