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Ranger Hires New CEO

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Claus Gundlach has been appointed the CEO of Ranger Steel Services LP, the largest independent steel plate distributor in the United States. He replaces Jeff McPherson, who left the company after a 39-year career.

Gundlach has almost 40 years of experience in the steel industry, including 20 years with Kloeckner & Co. International Trading and Kloeckner Steel Trade, where he was responsible for the North American region. Most recently he was CEO of Salzgitter Mannesman International USA, where he served as president.

His familiarity and professional relationship with Ranger Steel, as well as both Roy and Ron Whitley, spans decades and is inclusive of numerous business deals they consummated together, the company owners said.

Ranger Steel Services LP was the 47th-largest service center company in North America in 2018, with 2017 revenues of $125 million. Headquartered in Houston, it operates four stocking locations.

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