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Reliance Rebrands, Drops Steel & Aluminum from Name

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North America’s largest service center company has rebranded itself. Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. is now Reliance Inc.

The name change reflects the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company’s evolution to “More than Metal.” Reliance is proud of its 85 year history and 30 years as a public company, and will remain anchored to its core business model and values as it moves forward into the future, the company claimed during its year-end conference call with investors and analysts.

“I’m excited to introduce our new company identity as Reliance Inc. Over the years, retaining 'Steel & Aluminum' in our corporate name has limited the perception of our company because Reliance is so much more than metal. We are a family of companies committed to providing diversified metals solutions and increasing levels of value to our customers, opportunities to our employees and returns to our stockholders,” said Karla Lewis, Reliance president and CEO.

“Reliance has historically made investments in our business far in excess of our peers while consistently generating industry-leading results. We have become stronger and more diversified, collaborative and focused as we further differentiate Reliance as a best in class company. We believe these developments, as well as our longstanding reputation for credibility with all of our stakeholders, have made 'Reliance' a name that stands alone,” she said.