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Steel Warehouse Rebrands, Invests in Cold Mill Division

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Steel Warehouse Company has rebranded its Cold Mill division as Specialty Strip. This decision reflects the company’s commitment to exceeding the industry standard for precision cold-rolled strip through quality and innovation, including capital investments in its cold-rolling mill equipment.

The company’s new technology ensures repeatability and predictability of cold-rolled strip product. This equipment will also allow Steel Warehouse to address customers’ evolving needs with more advanced solutions, the company claimed.

“We continuously look at reinvesting in our businesses, equipment and people for the benefit of our stakeholders and customers,” said Ted Lerman, CEO, Steel Warehouse. “We have been actively planning this rebranding and capital investment over the past several years and are eager to see this vision come to fruition.”

Specialty Strip, located on the South Bend campus, is part of Steel Warehouse’s Specialty Steel division, which also includes Chesterfield Steel in Cleveland, Siegal in Chicago and Steel Warehouse Portage in Indiana.

“This transition sets a foundation that allows us to evolve with the demand of the market and explore long-term growth in the critical precision strip market,” added Carl Parker, general manager of the Specialty Steel division. “The investment we have made provides us with technology that will improve and enhance our product scope and capabilities, helping us gain improved precision, operational efficiencies, consistent product performance and repeatability – all for the benefit of our customers.”

Specialty Strip has more than 20 years of experience in cold-rolling, annealing and slitting operations customized for exceedingly tight tolerance orders to benefit OEMs and fabrication, stamping and fine blanking operations. The aim is to continue addressing customers’ difficult parts challenges with trusted solutions, including carbon steels, specialty alloys and high-strength low-alloy strip.