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Target Steel Installs Braner Turret Head Slitting Line

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Target Steel is installing its third Braner USA turret head slitting line with CNC shape-correction leveling and automatic slit coil packaging in its Detroit, Mich. flat-rolled coil processing center.  Target Steel’s latest high-performance Braner slitter is slated to process high-strength cold rolled, hot rolled, and prepainted coil to 30 tons by 72 inches wide in gauges from 0.015 inches through 0.250 inches.  

The line is equipped with a triple head turret slitter that is able to change from one order to the next order in one minute.  The slitting line is also equipped with a precision CNC cluster leveler that is able to correct wavy-edge, center-buckle, and crossbow strip shape conditions in gauges from 0.015 inches through 0.250 inches at speeds up to 1,000 FPM.  

Complementing the slitting line is an automatic slit coil packaging line that efficiently straps, sorts, and packages individual coils weighing up to 15,000 pounds. Target Steel’s third Braner  slitting and packaging system is said to be equipped with the latest product quality and operating performance, as well as labor-saving and safety automation technology.

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