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Taylor Steel Installs Stretcher Leveler

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Taylor Steel Inc. has installed a Red Bud Industries' 0.625 inch by 75-inch by 40-foot Stretcher Leveler at its Stoney Creek, Ontario, location, part of a significant upgrade in leveling capability.

The Stretcher Leveler’s SUREGRIP technology features a direct clamp design with long-lasting metallic gripper pads to avoid slipping while also avoiding the use of any consumable products during operation. The Quick Draw feature produces the shortest cycle time of any stretcher leveler on the market, Red Bud claimed.

The new Stretcher Leveler will produce the flattest, most stable material possible despite incoming shape defects. The result is a flat product that will stay flat making it particularly well suited for laser cutting applications.

Included is also a rotating brush dust collector and vacuum system that will further enhance the quality of finished parts. Non-marking upper and lower brushes will rotate up to 1,000 rpm, while high velocity vacuum heads collect the debris that is removed from the material.