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TCI Installs Grinding Center

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TCI Precision Metals has installed a 42-inch CNC double-disc grinding center at its Gardena, Calif., facility. Technology advancements built into the new machine improve overall efficiency by more than 50 percent compared to traditional double-disc grinders, which will help TCI Precision Metals shorten customer lead times while maintaining close dimensional and flatness tolerances customers have come to expect from the company’s Machine-Ready Blanks.

“At TCI we pride ourselves on producing short-run and production quantities of close tolerance, dimensional and flat, pre-machined blanks that are ready to go directly from receiving to finished machining. Producing machine-ready blanks that are consistently flat, square, and parallel is harder than many people think; it requires as much craftsmanship as technology to get it right. Our new 42-inch CNC double-disc grinding center helps us increase efficiency and better serve our customers,” said Ben Belzer, president of TCI Precision Metals.

The new grinding center was configured by C&B Machinery, New Hudson, Mich., and is built on a Gardner model, double-disc reciprocating grinding platform, complemented with the latest in machine logic and motion control automation. Upgrades include a Fanuc controller, and dual 60hp grinding spindle motors, each with operator-selectable independent variable speed control, driving two 42-inch abrasive wheels.


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