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TCI Precision Metals Offers Feature-Added Blanks

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TCI Precision Metals has expanded its product offering of machine-ready solutions to include feature-added blanks, designed to deliver shops near-net machine-ready blanks that include one or more features.  The service eliminates the need for material prep and can include drilling, boring, turning, milling, roughing and hoging features, among others.

“We have been supplying customers with close tolerance machine-ready blanks for a long time and providing excellent gains in productivity.  With many customers asking for help with hog outs or other features requiring large amounts of material removal, feature-added blanks was a natural progression for us; our equipment and processes were already optimized for efficient material removal,” said Ben Belzer, president, and COO of TCI Precision Metals, Gardena, Calif.

Each blank arrives deburred, clean and to customer specifications – guaranteed as close as plus-minus .0005-inch dimensionally and as close as .0002-inch flatness, squareness, and parallelism.