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The Material Works Commissions New Slitting Line

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The Material Works has completed commissioning an advanced, heavy-gauge slitter at its facility in Red Bud, Ill. The line runs coils up to 5/16-inch thick.

The slitter, TMW’s second from Red Bud Industries, is the latest in an extensive cycle of investment in new equipment and upgrades, company officials said. The Material Works is a toll processor, handling slitting, EPS pickling, stretcher leveling and cut-to-length on heavy gauge and high-strength flat-roll metals.

The new heavy gauge slitter can process material up to 100,000 tensile strength at its full thickness and width of 0.315 inches by 75 inches. It accepts coils up to 55,000 pounds, produces to a width tolerance of plus-minus 0.005 inches and features an integrated packaging line.