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Wieland Acquires Miller Company

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Global red metals company Wieland will acquire the Miller Company, a Meriden, Conn.-based distributor of a range of copper-based alloy strip products across the U.S. The agreement was concluded through an asset purchase transaction.

The transaction will broaden the customer base served by Wieland’s global distribution network, which consists of more than 75 facilities. It will also strengthen the company’s position in the North American market, Wieland claims.

The Miller Company customers can expect Wieland to continue to meet their needs for high quality strip made of copper, copper alloys and special alloys in North America and across the world through expanded access to Wieland's world-class manufacturing capabilities, reliable distribution network, and excellent customer service, Wieland claims.

Wieland is one of the world's leading suppliers of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products. The company, headquartered in Germany, has been active in growing its North American assets since its acquisition of Global Brass & Copper in 2019.