AMSAW Adds to Line

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Advanced Machine & Engineering’s carbide saw product line, AMSAW, has recently added a new line of heavy-duty, dual-column band saws to diversify its high-production sawing systems and become a one-source shop for cutting technology for anything from below one inch up to 85 inches. 

With this high-production automatic billet saw system, up to five tons of mixed round billets are loaded onto the table. The billets are separated and transferred one by one to the power-roller conveyor and conveyed towards the measuring gripper of the saw.  The individual billets are measured and automatically cut, based on the PLC inputs.

In order to reduce cutting time and increase throughput, the AMSAW-WAGNER SO 360 SF head feed is designed with a servo-driven ball screw. This makes the feed system stiffer and helps to achieve great performance and tool life with carbide tipped bands.

The cut pieces are separated by size and moved to a number of bins. If the remaining bar is not completely cut, it is 
retracted and unloaded on a cradle opposite the load table. The next bars are cycled the same way, until the table is empty. 
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