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East Longmeadow, Mass.-based LENOX has released the LENOX 360 System, which tracks bandsaw performance metrics. The LENOX 360 System provides access to key insights, measurements, and the control of valuable sawing operations data. This new technology is ideal for steel service centers and fabrication shops, as it is designed to improve decision making and maximize efficiency by capturing data in real time.

“The LENOX 360 System was designed to address the needs of LENOX customers and key stakeholders, the greatest need being visibility into the innerworkings of their sawing operation,” said Daniel Fernandes, LENOX senior product manager, Industrial Band Saw Blades. “LENOX found that the solution lies within the data, as it drives bottom-line performance. The LENOX 360 System will optimize shop productivity through a lucid translation of this data, ultimately cutting costs from the shop floor.”

Using the sensors installed on the saw, performance data such as utilization and efficiency metrics are transferred into a LENOX 360 System tower. The data is then transmitted to the cloud where it is analyzed and populated into customized dashboards to arm users with the information needed to help maximize production and profits for the facility.

The dashboard can be accessed onsite or remotely through the LENOX 360 System website or mobile app across a variety of devices, such as shop floor monitors, desktop or laptop computers, tablets and smart phones.

The customizable dashboards display easy-to-read performance metrics of each machine, the entire facility, or a collection of facilities in real time. The collected data can be archived or referenced immediately. The LENOX 360 System allows stakeholders to manage and react to the data with confidence, resulting in a productive and efficient sawing operation.

LENOX 360 System customers will have access to the LENOX ADVANTAGE program, offering 24/7 support including:

  •  A LENOX Site Survey to identify facility goals, metrics and challenges
  •  Machine diagnostic service that includes a 13-point machine inspection
  •  Comprehensive operator training through a LENOX-designed and led course, as well as access to the LENOX Institute of Technology for continued operator learning opportunities
  • Detailed recommendations to improve productivity
  • 24/7 technical support from LENOX technical service professionals

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