BLM Group Expands ELECT Capabilities

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BLM Group, Novi, Mich., has announced the addition of left=hand configuration capability to its ELECT 102, 103 and 150 bender models. The addition expands the capability to the entire ELECT family, which also includes right-hand configurations. With the addition, fabricators processing tubes or pipes with diameters of up to 6” can choose the bending direction they use most; right- or left-handed.

With multiple tool stack capability, the ELECT benders can produce fixed and variable radii in a single setup. The all-electric operation provides energy efficient production and eliminates the need for hose and piping associated with hydraulic systems. This helps to simplify maintenance and improve reliability for more consistent bending. The 9-axis or 10-Axis systems are well-suited for tube production in a variety of industries including HVAC, furniture, agricultural, automotive and aerospace.

The ELECT benders are available with manual or automatic loading with the ability to position the automatic loader to the left or right of the machine. Additionally, a special loading cycle is available for heavy tube or multi-ball mandrels. The BLM ELECT tube benders can incorporate automatic tube bundle loading and a handling robot for a complete turnkey solution that manages the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.