BLM Group Offers New Laser Tube

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BLM GROUP USA has announced the availability of its new LT7F2 laser tube featuring a 2D cutting head, well-suited for fabricators processing round tubes, square, rectangle and open profiles or special sections requiring straight vertical-type cutting. The machine offers the benefits of the company’s versatile LT7, with 3D cutting head, at a value price point.

The LT7F2 is capable of handling tubes from 0.5 inches to 6 inches, and up to 15.4 pounds per foot. It is available with either a 3 kW or 4kW fiber laser.

Similar to the original LT7, the LT7F2 features automated changeover for maximum productivity. At the end of each batch, the loader, spindle, steady rest and intermediate supports automatically adapt to the new section to be cut without any interruption of the production cycle.

Additionally, the LT7F2 offers flexible loading options that can be optimized according to your production needs. Special and or/open profiles, short or long parts can be unloaded front or back while scrap is automatically managed.


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