Bradbury’s eDrive Equalizes Internal Stresses

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The eDrive leveling system from Moundridge, Kan.-based Bradbury was developed after discovering the mismatch of roll speeds as material makes its way through a leveler. The eDrive equalizes internal stresses while delivering superior flatness, the company claims.

Bradbury’s system also offers the Bow Scout System, Yield Sensing and FlatTrak CL Monitoring System.

Improper exit gap settings can introduce up and down bow if the operator is not vigilant to his machine settings. The Bow Scout System was designed to reduce the possibility for leveled sheets to be processed with up and down bow.

Leveling needs to yield the material 70-80 percent of the cross section to effectively pull waves and buckles and improve the shape. The leveler operator rarely has yield information on the coils he is running. To insure the correct percentage of plastic was achieved, more sensors were introduced inside the leveler.

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