Butech Slitters Process Ferrous, Nonferrous Materials

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Butech Slitters Process Ferrous, Nonferrous Materials

The slitting lines from Butech Bliss are designed to process ferrous and nonferrous metals. High-efficiency, reliability and optimal productivity is engineered into every aspect of its equipment, the Salem, Ohio-based company claims.

Butech Bliss has a history of going from a first-time product provider to a technology leader in a very short time.  The products added to its portfolio are quickly regarded as the best in the industry and the standard to which its competition strives to match, the company claims. This experience and drive make the progression into slitting lines a natural next step.

Butech’s large team of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers are continuously refining and upgrading its equipment designs to keep it in front on performance and reliability, with the idea of giving customers the best possible ROI for both the short and long term.

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