Demag Releases Coil Handling and Steel Warehousing Cranes, Offers Components

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Solon, Ohio-based Demag Cranes & Components Corp. offers coil handling and steel warehousing cranes based on customer design and use specifications.

The company’s engineers designed the steel coil handling and storage project to be efficient, versatile and high speed. Built to CMAA class D service, the cranes can handle the capacity customers require – from under 30 tons to 50 tons, and more. High-speed, adjustable frequency drives on the bridge, trolley and hoist to allow for smooth and flexible operations. Each crane is designed to the customer’s needs, with spans up to 100 feet, up to a 40-foot lift and various speeds. An express speed allows the operator to move the empty hook to the next position more quickly.

The cranes boast lift speeds of up to 26 feet per minute with a full load.  The company can provide c-hooks or motorized grabs to optimize load handling needs. Demag can also automate coil handling and warehousing processes to meet user inventory, storage capacity and/or handling needs, whether the customer needs full automation or just a portion of the process automated.

Demag also offers crane components for efficient lifting. Standard crane kit components are available from local stock in capacities of up to 50 tons and can be shipped from the dealer to meet project timelines. Kits are designed for single and double girder applications to meet customer needs. The DMR wire rope hoist is adaptable, robust and can make lifting up to 50 tons efficient and safe. The control options for lifting include two-speed pole changing, two-speed mechanical, as well as variable speed.

Girders and girder connection designs are optimized to reduce deadweight, meaning less weight and less wheel load on the overall crane. “The Crane Components Kits that Demag authorized dealers can mount onto girders are some of the most flexible on the market,” says Todd Fisher, the company’s business development manager. “You get reliable, robust components from Demag that are designed to make you more efficient with a girder design that reduces deadweight while providing the strength and rigidity needed.”

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