ESC | Spectrum’s Releases RATAView Software

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ESC | Spectrum has announced the launch of RATAView, a subscription-based software that helps stack testers perform RATA tests accurately and efficiently to meet complex regulations and comply with 40 CFR Parts 60 and 75 requirements. It is packaged with an 8864 Data Controller, the most widely used device in the industry for data collection, computation and storage.

“We’ve been performing RATA tests for years. These tests are time-consuming, regulatorily complex, and can be cumbersome and to configure,” said Software Architect Landon Zabcik. “We used our extensive stack testing experience in order to develop a solution tailored specifically for stack testers that speeds up the process while maintaining data accuracy and preventing mistakes. RATAView pairs a reliable 8864 Data Controller with software that supports saved testing configurations, wraps in calculations, and makes reporting easier.”

The software guides users through the configuration of a test “queue” to create templates and automate the testing process. Users can reuse the templates at any time, in either manual or automatic mode, with the ability to reset the test to clear out current results and start over, accept the test or stop/pause when needed.

RATAView also is said to make reporting faster and more efficient, and the software provides the test results in the most commonly requested format for its customers – Microsoft Excel.  Additionally, reports are easy to customize and adjust, and RATAView allows for easy ECMPS XML file generation.

The software is a critical component of ESC | Spectrum’s end-to-end solutions for helping customers operate their facilities efficiently and meet air compliance obligations.

“RATAView is a great addition to our DAS and CEMS end-to-end solutions for the electric power and petroleum industries. Our own in-house CEMS testing team uses the software to ensure accuracy and efficiency, and we’re excited to provide its functionality to the rest of the industry,” said Mike Viator, director of sales and marketing.

RATAView is backed by a 24/7 customer support team. The software is updated bi-annually with new features to ensure it evolves with changing industry needs.

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