Ionized, Cooled Air to Replace Metalworking Fluids

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Oy ECE EcoCooling Engineering Ltd., Helsinki, Finland, has introduced EcoCooling, said to be an environmentally safe way to cool and lubricate workpieces and cutting tools in the machine-tool industry. Metal workpieces are lubricated with ionized and cooled air without needing any emulsions.

With EcoCooling, “ionized air penetrates the cutting zone and forms a dry lubricant that decreases cutting friction and generated heat, at the same time speeding up the oxide layer formation,” says Leo Hatjasalo, co-founder and CEO of EcoCooling. “Workshops have wanted to get rid of fluids and many have tried to find a solution to the problem, but with poor results. Now we have the answer to this demand, since EcoCooling can be used even with the hardest known metals like chrome, titanium and tungsten carbides.” 

Hatjasalo emphasizes that EcoCooling is a way to cut down the costs of emulsions and a way to improve productivity through higher cutting speed, reduced wear of cutting tools and minimized maintenance costs. 

“Since the metal chips are not contaminated by any fluids, they can also be fully recycled without cleaning”, he says. “Another big advantage is that it eliminates toxic fluid waste and fumes, in addition to minimizing CO2 emissions, since no oil is used.”  

The technology makes it possible to build smaller and cheaper metalworking machines, since the EcoCooling unit is compact.

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