Kasto’s UNICOMPACT Saves Space

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The Honeycomb Storage System UNICOMPACT from KASTO, Export, Pa., features excellent space utilization for new as well as for already existing buildings, i.e. the classic facilities of steel service centers. The close dimensions of the operating gantry crane ensure that as much space as possible is used for material storage. 

Utilizing the principle Material to Operator, the UNICOMPACT bar storage system delivers the requested material fast to the outfeed stations. An extensive variety of different station designs increases the efficiency for cutting and commissioning of solids or shapes of steel, aluminum, plastic or nonferrous materials. 

The KASTO random-access cassette principle lowers the number of travel movements and allows, together with fast drives, cycle times of approximately 60 seconds. And this in a system with 2,000 cassettes.

The most important components of the random-access principle are two simultaneously working cassette-pulling devices on the mechanical side, and on the control side, a well thought-out program to minimize travel distances and for optimize cycle times, the company claims.

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