Large Quantities Ideal for fehr System

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The honeycomb racking system from fehr, Charlotte, N.C., is ideal for large quantities of tube and sheet materials – especially if high-access speeds are necessary. This extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes and can be operated fully automatically, fehr claims. 

What makes the concept stand out is its absolute consistency and easy handling, the company claims. The fehr honeycomb system makes optimum use of the available space. No other warehousing system offers more capacity and flexibility with such a small footprint.

Technical specifications for the honeycomb heavy system include: 800 bins; positions/h up to 60; payload up to 16,000 pounds; system height up to 100 feet; tube dimensions up to 50 feet; flat dimensions up to 20 by 8.5 feet; ERP connection. 

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