Mosca Adds to Side-Seal Banding Line

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Side-seal strapping systems have long been the go-to machines for securing packages in applications with very low conveyor heights, narrow and tall arch shapes, and for protecting sealing mechanisms from falling debris.

Recognizing this, Mosca has added the ROMS6-KR-ZV-Sonixs to its line of side-seal banders.

The new ROMS6-KR-ZV-Sonixs is built around Mosca’s high performing Standard 6 Strapway with precision strap path for exceptional feed reliability, tool-less access to the feed track for efficient cleaning and servicing, and DC brushless direct drives for long life and quiet operation.

The Sonixs strapping head indexes up to 340 millimeters to meet incoming loads, achieving intended tension levels even with varying load positions. The Sonixs strapping head makes strong, emission-free seals with either PET or PP strapping, uniquely enabling users to choose the best strap for their requirement based on cost and performance.

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