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AMS CI Reduces Downtime
The Amada AMS Cl can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations to maximize machine productivity. Manufactured at the company’s Brea, Calif., facility, the AMS 3015 CL provides a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading.
The AMS CL is a modular system that allows users to easily expand their automation capabilities.  With additional modules, the AMS CL can seamlessly transition from a single cycle loader to a multi-shelf tower that can support multiple lasers.  A symmetrical design allows modules to be placed on either the front or rear side of a laser’s shuttle table to accommodate material flow.
The benefits of automation combined with AMADA’s fiber lasers include lower costs of operation, faster ROI, more reliable and predictable production schedules, and better overall utilization of both machine and floorspace, the company claims. 
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Signode’s StorFast Offers 24-7 Access

Signode, the leading global manufacturer of a broad spectrum of end of line packaging equipment, tools, and consumables, offers a complete range of automation solutions.
The StorFast ASRS system provides high-density, lights-out, 24/7-access to all products in the warehouse. The shuttle/cart system allows multiple orders to be processed simultaneously and can flex between high-volume input and peak shipping schedules to optimize the utilization and efficiency of the system at all times. The StorFast ASRS system is an increasingly specified solution for both existing and new facilities in the rapidly growing warehouse and distribution space. Its space-saving shuttle/cart system is particularly sought after for urban-based facilities with limited horizontal footprints.
“Signode’s complete end-of-line warehouse automation offerings address and solve our customers’ challenges and requirements, including increased throughput, improved response time, lower operating and labor costs, and optimized safety,” said Mike Stein, vice president of marketing and product management, automation and packaging technologies platform.
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PeddiBot Changes  Cutting Beams
The Peddinghaus PeddiBot-1200 robotic plasma revolutionizes beam-cutting production.  This advanced robotic technology takes innovation further with a scanning system that measures deviations in material and then adapts the robot’s cutting path to ensure perfect fitting – no probing necessary. 
Specialized torch movements throughout production on the PeddiBot-1200 practically eliminate the need for grinding.
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MAV3K Designed for Distribution
MAV3K from Waypoint Robotics Inc. is an autonomous mobile robot for manufacturing and distribution. It features an industrial strength chassis, a 3,000-pound carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables smooth and nimble movement of the heaviest materials.
MAV3K comes equipped with Waypoint’s easy-to-use Dispatcher software allowing it to be set up and autonomously operating in under 15 minutes. MAV3K’s safe and powerful batteries keep it moving through the longest workday.  And Waypoint’s EnZone wireless charging system enables MAV3K to charge itself, so you can forget about batteries and charging.
Its dual safety-rated LiDAR sensors, 3 stage safety system and superior autonomous navigation ensures MAV3K will safely find its own way from A to B so you can focus on what you do best.
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SWIFTI is Collaborative Robot
Offering speeds of five meters per second, SWIFTI is a fast and accurate collaborative industrial robot for payloads up to 4 kilograms, designed to bridge the gap between collaborative and industrial robotics, enabling collaborative work at industrial speeds.
Based on ABB’s class-leading IRB 1100 industrial robot, which offers best in class speed and accuracy, the CRB 1100 SWIFTI combines a payload of four kilograms and reach of up to 580 millimeters with the benefits of safe collaborative operation and ease of use. This will open new possibilities for enhanced productivity in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to logistics and beyond, and enable more businesses to embrace automation. 
SWIFTI is aimed at tasks including assembly and polishing where human operators need to be present to carry out duties such as supervision and repositioning of parts. 
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RAS Bends Parts Automatically
The RAS Multibend-Center offers users the opportunity to bend parts automatically. The system can deliver precision parts, in high quantity and at high speeds regardless of batch size, and with the highest levels of flexibility and repeatability, the company claims. 
The RAS Multibend-Center is available in workings lengths of 2160 millimeters, 2560 millimeters and 3060 millimeters. It offers automatic loading, squaring, bending and unloading, plus automatic folding sequences and tool setup. 
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TAB Launches Justification Tool
Anew economic justification tool from orbital wrapping machine manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. aims to help packaging and material handling professionals project the cost savings to be realized when automating the pallet wrapping function with a TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapper. 
Devised to provide economic support and documentation for automation, the online tool itemizes both key labor costs such as hourly wages and fringe benefits, and key packaging factors such as the number of pallet loads wrapped per day, the number of workers required to package each load, and the time required per load. 
The TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machines apply plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet and load to create a sturdy, secure, unitized load without banding, boxing or strapping. The stretch wrappers are designed and manufactured at the company’s Reading, Pa. headquarters and delivered ready for operation with a warranty.
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ABL-100HS Improves Build Quality
Top quality and performance have always been the trademark of the ABL-100HS from Control Automation. The company strives to build the toughest machines that perform production for decades in the harshest conditions. 
The ABL-100HS offers impressive build quality, while still outperforming the competition in both speed and capabilities, Controlled Automation claims. Options on an 8x8 machine have never compared to Controlled Automation’s flagship angle line.  Whether it’s processing 8x8 angle, 12x1 flat bar, large and small channel, notching, stamp-marking, high-accuracy probe measuring, or triple-gag punching – the ABL-100HS can do it all.
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