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Automated Stacking and Packaging
Renteria, Spain-based Athader S.L., a company within The Bradbury Group, offers automated stacking and packaging solutions for cut-to-length sheets or plates. The company offers a product said to increase throughput efficiency, which saves line operators the extensive, labor-intensive work typically required to meet end customers’ unique packaging specifications. 
Automated services include storing packs via roller and chain-type conveyors and discharging scrap pieces without the need for manual lifting. Corner protectors are automatically inserted, and a pack lifter elevates a stack of sheets that have exited the stacker. 
Once elevated, packages are easily wrapped through automated wrapping systems, such as width wrapping via an orbital wrapper, as well as automated or manual height wrapping.  A robot or dunnage cartridge system retrieves and inserts dunnage under a stack of sheets, as well as straps it to these stacks. 
A sheet lifter and/or gantry crane forms a stack of sheets, which are then deposited onto the floor. The main overhead crane removes each stack and puts it into the storage area. The cloud-based data storage/tracking system includes package-specific details, machine status, faults or stoppages and production levels. 
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Automated Scanners Protect Workers
Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa., has introduced new Safety Scanners, which protect workers from accidental contact with wrapping machinery.  Available as an option on all TAB Wrapper Tornado line models, the innovative Safety Scanners feature sensor technology that emits an invisible field in a 180-degree arc from both the front and back of the wrapping system. 
If a person enters the field, the Safety Scanners automatically stop the wrapping process and flash the red status light. Wrapping may safely resume when the field is clear and an operator has reset the status.
Developed to support worker safety and prevent costly workers’ compensation claims, the Safety Scanners offer a redundant safety feature beyond the included visual signage to provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. 
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Crane-Programming System  Improves Safety, Performance
Buffalo, N.Y.-based Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of motion-control products and technologies for material handling, has launched its Intelli-Crane family of products. 
The IntelliProtect System, the first product in the Intelli-Crane portfolio, leverages automation technology to improve customers’ safety, productivity and uptime. Intelli-Protect features no-fly zone technology to help protect assets and personnel in working areas while improving facility throughput. 
Intelli-Protect allows one to designate locations where a crane is programmed to slow down or stop, using motion control products such as variable frequency drives, radio remote controls, limit switches and sensors. These versatile systems – ranging from simple configurations to the more complex – can be easily added to existing crane controls or included in new installations. 
“Implementing an Intelli-Protect System limits the risk of collisions, increases safety for equipment and personnel in protected areas, and improves facility throughput,” said Peter Stipan, global director,  Automation Division. 
Intelli-Protect is available in either fixed location or configurable options. Fixed location systems use limit switches installed on bridge and trolley motions that interface with a controller for functional customization. These systems are available in three configurations optimized for two-sided, three-sided and four-sided areas where crane motion is limited or entirely restricted.  For more information, visit

ESAB Launches Pipe Cutting System
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, Annapolis Junction, Md., has introduced its new SmartPipe system for automated plasma or oxy-fuel cutting of pipe alongside a table for cutting flat plate. The SmartPipe standard line covers pipe in diameters from two to 12 inches, lengths up to 20 feet and weights up to 2,200 pounds. SmartPipe HD can handle pipe diameters up to 10 feet (including the common 36-, 48- and 72-inch diameters) and lengths up to 60 feet.
The SmartPipe system consists of a pipe-turning unit with a manually adjustable chuck and a CNC-controlled turning axis, two or more adjustable-position pipe supports and a support track.  A typical configuration situates the turning unit between the cutting table and gantry rail – oriented parallel to the rail – but the system can be located behind the table as well (e.g., parallel to the gantry).
SmartPipe also includes graphical programming software that quickly and easily creates programs for straight or bevel cuts for any pipe application, such as saddles, holes, slots or weld-cut preparations. The software, which runs on ESAB’s Vision controller, generates a 3D rendering of the finished pipe so users can confirm details before cutting.
For straight cuts, SmartPipe should be paired with any standard oxy-fuel torch or plasma system for cutting at up to 200 amps. For cutting bevels, SmartPipe should be paired with a bevel head such as ESAB’s DMX Plasma Beveller or VBA (variable bevel angle) wrist. 
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DoALL Combines Forces to Create Integrated System
DoALL Sawing products has announced an innovation in saw technology. In cooperation with ABB, Datalogic and Powermation, DoALL has created an integrated productivity solution.  
This integrated cell consists of a DoALL DCDS-750CNC, an ABB IRB 26000 robot, and a Datalogic ULXYE engraver. The collaboration highlights DoALL’s continuing commitment to assist its customers in creating world class production and fabrication services and products, the company claims.  
“We truly build the best sawing machines in the world.  Today we have once again shown the flexibility of our machines and control technology.  Our products can integrate with a variety of industrial technology allowing for improved production and increased efficiencies throughout our customer’s facilities.” said Kurt Plechaty, president of DoALL Saws.
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KASTO’s New System Auto Feeds CNC Machines 
KASTO has opened up a new line of business with the introduction of its UNITOWER cnc tower storage system. The system is specially designed for automatic feeding of CNC machines and buffer storage. Users will benefit from greater flexibility in production, better ergonomics and maximum machine operating times.
The system significantly improves productivity by continuously supplying CNC machining centers and milling machines with loaded pallets that employees prepare at separate workstations., the company claims. The storage tower is loaded during machine operation. There are no expensive downtimes, and the entire system, including capital-intensive machinery, can run unmanned for long periods.
Users can connect several machines – regardless of manufacturer – to one tower storage system. The UNITOWER cnc can be connected automatically to several set-up stations and transfer stations by means of shunting units and roller tracks. The storage and retrieval machine transfers workpieces to a shuttle wagon, which automatically takes them to locations assigned by the controller. Partially and fully processed pieces are returned to intermediate or final storage in the same way.
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