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Chemcoaters Boosts Corrosion Resistance
Steel demand has returned but steel-making capacity has not, and shortages will likely continue in 2021.
Mill lead-times are long, distributor inventories are low and flat-rolled pricing is at an all-time high. Common items such as G90 galvanized sheet are hard to find, and manufacturing customers are reporting line stops and increased costs as they attempt to source more coil stock. 
If you can’t find what you need but can find G30/G40 or other low galvanized coating weights – Chemcoaters’ coil-coatings can boost your product’s corrosion resistance to perform as well as a G90.  
InterCoat ChemGuard is a RoHS-compliant corrosion inhibitor made to prevent white and red rust on galvanized steel substrates. This coating system is commercially available and applied at Chemcoaters’ coil-coating facility in Gary, Ind. Customers across several industries use InterCoat ChemGuard to solve their rust issues and to upgrade lower coating weights so a G30/G40 (GI) or A25 (GA) can perform like a G90 substrate (or better). 
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PAC-CLAD Ore Adds Natural Look
PAC-CLAD Ore finishes from Petersen allow architects to add the look of natural metal patinas to any structure. Ore finishes will not tarnish, discolor or rust, which provides architects and specifiers with alternatives to expensive and unpredictable natural metals and make them an ideal option for clean, elegant metal architecture.  A lineup of 16 Ore finishes ensures creative design flexibility for a finishing touch to any project or architectural style.
Applications are unlimited and can include education, office, retail, entertainment, sports, recreational and industrial buildings, multi-family mixed-use structures and many others. Ore finishes are available on 24- and 22-gauge steel, and .032- to .063-gauge aluminum, plus coil in 36.25-in. widths.
The new PVDF Ore finishes are available on PAC-CLAD wall and roof panels, coil and sheet. Ore finishes are not stocked and are subject to minimum quantity requirements, so architects and installers should consult a PAC-CLAD representative to discuss lead time, warranty and related issues.
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SAF Upgrades PVDF Coatings
SAF, a global metals distributor, fabricator and finisher, is substantially improving its ability to confirm the quality of coatings it applies to aluminum thanks to the introduction of a new tool. The company is now incorporating X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technology into its polyvinylidene fluoride finishing process. The enhancement enables SAF to provide its customers with verification that its coatings meet key industry standards for performance and durability set by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.
“We began using Dura Coat Products spray coatings in 2020 and will continue to offer these durable, protective, and long-lasting coatings to our customers moving forward,” said John McClatchey, vice president of sales and marketing at SAF.  
“Our goal is to provide as many industry-leading paint and finish options to customers that we can.”
For a PVDF coating to be properly applied to aluminum, the metal must undergo a chemical bonding process that forms a complex chromate film on its surface, commonly referred to as a conversion coating. Often, fabricators evaluate the quality of this conversion coating by the color of the metal. However, color does not always correlate with the correct chromatic film coating weight. By using XRF technology, SAF can accurately measure the quality of its conversion coatings. For customers, this ensures an accurate pretreatment, which leads to a successful PVDF application and a long-lasting architectural finish. For more information, visit

Steelscape Launches Natural Matte
Subtle, refined, and revolutionary, Steelscape is proud to launch Natural Matte, an innovative range of ultra-matte exterior finishes for metal roofing and siding. Inspired by the organic matte surfaces that are all around us, this range of six refined colors delivers a balanced, non-reflective light interaction for ultimate design flexibility.
Natural Matte uses microscopic light-disruptive paint technology to create the new benchmark for ultra-matte metal finishes. Exclusive to Steelscape, Natural Matte eliminates unwanted shine and glare without sacrificing color depth or finish durability. “Natural Matte enables building designers and homeowners to use metal roofing and siding in entirely new environments,” said Richard King, product manager.  
Based on proven paint technology, Natural Matte offers a delicate satin texture, a 40-year finish warranty and a 30-year warranty against color fade. Combining a refined aesthetic with lifelong performance, Natural Matte is the ideal finish for metal roof and siding products including standing seam roof panels and flush architectural wall profiles.
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CERAM-A-STAR Withstands Harsh Environments

AkzoNobel’s reputation for the market-leading durability of its products is showcased in an innovative new video.
Using one of its most popular products - CERAM-A-STAR 1050 – as an example, the video shows in real-world terms how the company’s coil coatings products provide best-in-class gloss and color retention, even when exposed to harsh weathering elements like humidity, UV rays, blazing heat or driving rain. 
CERAM-A-STAR 1050 has been protecting brands and reputations since 2005 with the industry’s strongest, most proven, durable and best performing SMP paint system,  AkzoNobel claims.
The coating is part of a wider AkzoNobel campaign to demonstrate the exceptional performance and leading durability of its coil coatings against harsh weather conditions.
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Safety Products:
PS Safety Intros  New Railing
PS Safety Access has introduced its latest line of safety and fall-protection products – the EdgeSafe Safety Railing. This combination of railing components is customizable and serves as the foundation for a complete safety system. The EdgeSafe Safety Railing protects workers from elevated edges, controls floor traffic or guards hazardous machines. By utilizing a universal, omnidirectional bracket, it is flexible enough to address almost any application (unlike a typical straight or 90-degree railing) and adaptable enough to follow virtually any required angle. 
The EdgeSafe Safety Railing is sold in four components: 1-1/2-inch schedule 40 steel pipe as a horizontal railing (113 inches in length), vertical posts (3.5 inches each), railing brackets that accommodate virtually any angle and/or an optional toeboard. Customers can purchase their own combination of these components to help increase safety from the top of the mezzanine to the ground level.
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SmartShell Protects Hands
Some jobs need a glove that covers it all: impact protection, cut protection, excellent grip in wet conditions, and high visibility.  And it must do all of this without sacrificing comfort, because an uncomfortable glove is an unworn glove, and that is the ruin of compliance and safety programs. Brass Knuckle SmartShell is the next-generation, cross-functional glove that does it all. It’s loaded with features that are engineered to provide protection on multiple fronts, all while excellent flexibility and a top-rated ergonomic design make it one of the most wearable gloves in its class. 
The formula for SmartShell BKCR4499 gloves starts with a machine knit, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with ANSI cut level A5 protection on the palms. Its strength-to-weight ratio is 8 to 15 times higher than steel. Next, thermoplastic rubber padding is sonically welded to the back of the glove for protection from contusions, smash injuries, object strikes, pinch-point injuries to the tips of each finger, and other impact hazards.  
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