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C-300MCN is Affordable Miter Saw  
Cosen Saws has unveiled its latest innovation, the C-300MNC, an affordable automatic miter-cutting band saw designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. This addition to the Cosen Saws lineup combines affordability, precision and user-friendly features to elevate cutting capabilities in diverse industrial settings.
Key features of the C-300MNC include a strong performance in a strong footprint, fully automatic and programmable, mitering capabilities up to 60 degrees, and servo-driven material feed to provide precise control and accuracy. 
The C-300MNC redefines the landscape of automatic miter-cutting band saws, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on precision and efficiency. 
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STREAMLINE PRO Built for Speed
KMT Waterjet is known for manufacturing the world’s fastest waterjet, the STREAMLINE PRO 90,000 PSI. The waterjet comes in 60 HP and 125 HP, with the latter offering dual heads for twice the power, cutting products in up to half the time.
KMT offers a range of pumps from 30 HP/55,000 PSI to 15-200 HP/60,000 PSI as well as direct drive systems for smaller job shop applications.
KMT has a network of reliable, expert OEMs who specialize in machine technology such as abrasive machine cutting, pure water only cutting, entry level, small and large format, taper control, bevel head, cantilever, gantry or bridge style tables, CNC software, 2-axis to 6-axis, robotic systems and more.
With the broadest range of waterjet pumps and machine systems in the industry, KMT provides solutions for most every cutting application.
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Dual Carriage Offers Accuracy, Productivity
The Edge Dual Carriage waterjet cutting machine is for those who demand both accuracy and productivity from their cutting equipment investment. The dual Z carriages operate independently so they can be programmed to double team a single part or cut two like parts simultaneously. 
The machine boasts plus/minus 0.001-inch linear positional accuracy over 12-inch (304 millimeter) per axis, plus/minus 0.001-inch repeatability (bidirectional) and plus/minus 0.003-inch renishaw ballbar tests of squareness and straightness over 24 inches (608 millimeters).  Specify 3-axis cutting heads, 5-axis cutting heads for cutting bevels to 60-degree taper free.  Multiple accessory options are available to further increase productivity.  When precision, durability and productivity are the drivers for your cutting needs, you may want to talk to Jet Edge before you buy.  
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New Miter Saw is Precision Machine
The 320/523GA is a state-of-the-art horizontal band saw, utilizing Industrial PC operator controls for a wide range of programming, functionality and program storage.  With its heavy duty dual-column design and ball screw servo-driven technology, the 320/523GA delivers the industry benchmark regarding both length and miter angle tolerances and repeatability, the company claimed.
Built with Behringer’s cast iron construction, the machine is very rigid, assuring square and fast cutting performance. The inherent vibration dampening characteristics of the cast iron components also ensures a high-quality finish and long blade life. 
The HBE-320/523GA has cutting capacities of 20.4 inches wide by 12.6 inches high and miter capacity of 45 degrees right and 60 degrees left (105 degrees total rotation). With a length tolerance of 0.005 inches and miter accuracy of 1/10th of one degree, the HBE-320/523GA is a true precision machine.  
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Lantek Expert Streamlines Cutting
The standout features in Lantek Expert incorporate new options for flexibility during production, streamlining the programming process to automatically apply selected cutting technology across a range of nests, significantly shortening the machining time for all nested parts. 
This version also includes new options to quickly and easily reassign a set of nests from one machine to another, saving time by accelerating the process and eliminating the need to make repetitive manual adjustments.
For punching machines, a key innovation within Lantek Expert is a specially shaped punch technology that facilitates a high level of automation from the import of the drawing to the generation of the CNC file.
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High Throughput with NEO
Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEO laser-cutting machines deliver optimal thick- and thin-metal cutting, higher cutting speeds and superior edge quality. Available in a range of 4kW- to 20kW-power levels and 3015 or 4220 platforms, the machines are designed for high-performance throughput with maximum control.
NEO features beam shape and diameter control technology that allows the machine to automatically adjust the beam diameter to optimally cut various materials and beam shape to control the concentration and power density of the laser beam. The result is improved cut speed and quality. 
Equipped with large front and side access doors, NEO offers accessibility and ease of operation. Minimized work area restrictions make loading material onto the machine and unloading finished parts easier.
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Automate the Sawing Process
The KASTOsort tower is a space-saving, highly productive solution for pre-processing including sorting, which automates the sawing and storage process. 
The KASTOsort tower offers a fully automatic system for metal processing companies. It can be used as a highly productive complete solution or as a supplement to a KASTOvariospeed or KASTOtec with or without a KASTOsort robot.
The integrated sorting solution provides significantly more storage space in a smaller area. The system works unmanned 24/7. To ensure fast and error-free sorting, finished part containers are stored on standardized system pallets in the storage system and the required finished part pallets are provided fully automatically in the robot’s sorting area.
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Shear Cuts Through Carbon and Stainless
Apowerful battery-powered shear from TRUMPF reliably cuts through 0.10-inch-thick mild steel and 0.06-inch-thick stainless steel and is now even more ergonomic and easy to use and is available in North America. The cordless TruTool S250 LiHD 18V shear is designed to facilitate work done by sheet metal workers, stamping workshop operators, coil industry workers and others.
TRUMPF engineers have reworked the geometries of the TruTool’s cutting table and blade. The blade is now a rhombus shape with a pointed wedge angle. This design, in conjunction with the high-quality materials, ensures users only have to apply very little force and can work for longer periods without getting tired. The new, battery-powered S250 LiHD’s ability to cut curves is also improved thanks to the specified optimizations that allow it to cut even small 0.79-inch radiuses easily.
A well-rounded gear head and reduced machine dimensions create another ergonomic advantage. The battery-powered shear is visually appealing and rests perfectly in the hand.  
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Advanz Features Triple Chip Geometry
For an ideal carbide-tipped multipurpose cutting solution, The L.S. Starrett Company offers Advanz TS band saw blades featuring triple-chip tooth geometry for precise finishes and superb production sawing costs per cut. This makes it an ideal solution for a broad range of tough steels ranging from carbon and tool to stainless steel and nickel alloys. 
Advanz TS blades feature teeth ground from high-quality, micro-grain carbide cylinders welded to a tough, ductile backing material, offering exceptional fatigue, shock and wear resistance. Plus, adding a Starrett AMP backgrind enhances tooth penetration while reducing feed pressure.
Band saw blades coated with carbide grit and diamond grit cut abrasive materials with precision, producing an excellent finish. A complete line of carbon blades are also available for horizontal and vertical machines with manual or gravity feed.
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HE&M Focuses on Innovation
HE&M Saw, a U.S. band saw manufacturer in business since 1964, focuses on continuous innovations in band sawing technology and material handling solutions for the metalworking industry. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing band saws such as the DC22 for metal cutting applications. With an emphasis on innovation, HE&M Saw is established as a world leader in the industry with many new features that improve sawing productivity.
HE&M Saw’s band sawing technology and group of products such as Material Handling, Metalworking Fluids and Benchtop Band Saws encompass features designed to enhance cutting efficiency, accuracy and productivity for a wide range of cutting applications.
The band saws and material handling solutions are tailored to the needs of customers. These products streamline workflow and optimize productivity by automating and simplifying material handling processes with automatic feeders, conveyors, side loaders and measuring systems, significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.
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Single or Batch Quantity Sawing
Centro-Metalcut designs and builds heavy-duty abrasive cutoff saws for the steel industry, capable of cutting a variety of materials in single or batch quantities. The company has abrasive saws that have been in operation in steel facilities for more than 25 years.
Abrasive saw features include automatic blade measurement, plus constant load and pressure monitoring.  Options include hot or cold cutting, single or multi-piece cutting, and coolant and mist collection systems. 

PMI-T1 is Fully Automatic
The PMI-T1 from Pat Mooney Saws is a fully automatic high-speed circular plate saw built and designed to cut aluminum and other nonferrous plates. The machine’s capacity is 12-foot by 12-foot with a maximum thickness of eight inches, making it ideal for metal service centers. A powerful 46-HP saw motor allows it to process plates quickly and allows chip removal. 
Saw blades are 24 inches or 26 inches diameter and speed ranges from 1,000 to 2,800 RPM. Saw blades are lubricated via a micro-drip system introduced to an air line at the discharge point to control and distribute the lubricant. A precision double-gear rack and servo-controlled material indexing system ensures plates are accurately positioned. Equipped with hydraulic clamping, the PMI-T1 ensures aluminum plates are secured throughout the cutting process. The vertical clamp height covering the cutting area is adjusted on ball screws. Cutting rates and saw blade height adjustments are servo-controlled. 
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Chop Saw Maximizes Cutting
Looking to enhance your metal-cutting capabilities? The Kalamazoo K20SSF 20-inch dry abrasive chop saw is a powerhouse designed for efficiency and precision.
The K20SSF 20-inch chop saw, equipped with the right cutoff wheel, handles most metal cutting tasks. Its specialized design makes it ideal for ferrous metals, boasting a solid four-inch cutting capacity and the ability to tackle six-inch shapes.
For alloys, the saw adapts its capacity based on horsepower and the abrasive cutoff wheel chosen for the specific alloy. This flexibility ensures optimal performance across various materials.
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fm8 Designed for Aluminum Alloys
With its powerful, frequency-controlled 46 HP motor, the Schelling fm8 Plate Saw delivers precise, exceptionally high cutting performance for aluminum alloys and other nonferrous metals up to six inches thick. The fm8 is ideal for dealing with heavy raw materials and workpieces with a uniquely engineered air floatation turntable providing a safe, ergonomic solution for turning parts from rip to crosscut. 
A closed-pressure beam with an integrated hold-down beam provides high dimensional accuracy. Cycle times are reduced due to automatic cutting parameter settings according to material type, thicknessand actual cutting length. Optional optimization software is available to maximize yield when calculating cutting patterns. Schelling’s patented CLEAN UP Cut function enables the fm8 to operate almost chip-free, even when making scrape cuts. 
Choose the fm8 to accelerate and simplify the nonferrous metal    cut-to-size process. 
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Element 400 L is Unitized Cutting Machine
The new Element 400 L Unitized cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems is a flexible laser cutting machine where safety, efficiency and automation versatility are paramount and its hardware and software are upgradeable from a single source. 
The U.S.-manufactured large-format cutting machine has high acceleration and speeds that can support two laser or plasma heads with no loss of performance. The all-new Bevel-U is a high-precision bevel unit that supports 20kW laser beveling up to plus/minus 50 degrees. 
On board, the Element L is the Slagger self-cleaning table. Additional marking tools are available.  
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