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WF Series Designed for Cutting  Shapes, Bundles
HE&M Saw’s WF (Wide Flange) series was designed specifically for cutting structural shapes and bundles. The design has been proven highly successful in sawing these materials by fabricators, mills, and service centers for many yearsteh company claims.
A variety of capacities are available, in either semi-automatic or fully automatic controls with touch screen PLC input interface complete with both job and material libraries. Included are bi-directional vises which greatly reduce the chance for bundle straps or crooked materials hanging up on vises as the material advances through the saw during the cutting process. 
The blade cant is designed to facilitate better blade-tooth loading and also aids in relieving stresses in beams, reducing blade pinching problems. Versions of the WF include the 130HA-DC-CTS, with a cutting capacity of 18-inch high by 27-inch wide, and the WF160, the WF190 and a double-mitering version, WF190MRB. For more information, visit

Messer Speeds Up Parts Cutting
Manufacturers have been demanding a faster, more accurate way of producing parts, and Messer Cutting Systems has accepted the challenge. The new MPC2000 MC features greatly enhanced drilling up to 4 inches, tapping up to 1 inch with milling capability, a robust design, and higher acceleration drives.  
The new drilling and milling chip high-suction vacuum system allows for a cleaner table surface and work area.  Also, there is a collection hopper for recycling chips.  
This machine has  multi-process capability including plasma and oxyfuel cutting, bevel cutting, and marking, all coupled with OmniWin software. For more information, visit

15kW Laser Increases Cutting Speeds
The 15kW ByStar Fiber represents the latest in high-precision  Bystronic technology – a reliable cutting process even at the highest laser outputs, and with a wide range of applications.  
On average, thanks to the new 15kW laser, the cutting speed of the ByStar Fiber increases by up to 50 percent (when cutting with nitrogen) compared to a 10kW laser source. This means that sheet metal processing companies can benefit from higher productivity with relatively low unit costs. 
The 15kW laser output now also enables extended applications in stainless steel and aluminum up to 1.5-inch thick and thus offers maximum flexibility for customer orders. Whether cutting nonferrous metals or steel, the high-performance Bystronic SSC cutting head excels with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets and profiles. The variable telescoping cutting head automatically adjusts the focal length and spot size, and the focal position is set automatically for each material.
Additionally, the BeamShaper function ensures smooth cutting edges and high operational reliability across the entire range of carbon steel materials with fluctuating material characteristics to thicknesses up to 1.125 inch.  For more information, visit

Bi-Metal Blades Designed for Heavy-Duty Sawing
For heavy-duty sawing applications including materials such as tool, high-speed, stainless and hardened steels, and nickel and titanium alloys, The L.S. Starrett Co. offers Primalloy Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for a cost-effective, highly productive sawing solution. The cutting performance, as well as heat and wear resistance of Primalloy’s M-51 high-speed steel, is greatly increased through alloying with cobalt and vanadium.
The Primalloy product line also features a proprietary Starrett Extended Life Treatment applied to the alloy steel back material, resulting in significantly longer blade life due to reduced blade fatigue.  For more information, visit

Semyx Offers New Size in Optima Series
Semyx Cutting Solutions, Dalton, Ga., has launched a new size in the Optima Series, the Optima 216. The unique mono-block design of the Optima 216 allows for simple installation and flexibility for the system to be relocated to a multitude of locations. 
This new size of waterjet cutting machine has the following features: mono-block design, heavy-duty tank, ball screw, and optional front rollers.   For more information, visit

Block and Plate Band Saw Designed for Steel
The sawing technology specialist company KASTO has a new powerhouse in its portfolio – the KASTObbs block and plate band saw. Specially developed for use in heavy industry, the saw is valued by users in steelworks, steel trading companies and many other companies that work with steel. When cutting large and heavy workpieces, the KASTObbs scores with comfortable handling, short cutting times and the best possible results. Users can choose from a range of various semi-automatic and fully automatic machine designs.
The processing of rolled blocks and plates offers a wide range of advantages. The effort required for subsequent processing steps such as milling can be significantly reduced, for example, and sawed-out “waste pieces” can also be retained for later use, increasing material and cost efficiency. KASTO developed the KASTObbs block and plate band saw to master such challenges. 
Depending on the model, the machines in the series are suitable for cutting heights of 360 to 2,000 millimeters and, depending on the table length, for maximum cutting lengths between 2,000 and 14,000 millimeters. The load capacity of the material support table is 3,500 kilograms for the smallest model and 64,000 for the largest.  For more information, visit

Guillotine Saws Designed for Tough Material
Savage Guillotine Saws are designed to deliver superior performance when cutting specialty alloys, hardened steel bars or shapes in a high-production environment using both dry and wet abrasive cutting techniques. 
The Guillotine saw is capable of a precision square cut on billets up to 10 inches in diameter or 10-inch square bar, with the saw cut having a machine-like finish with plus/minus 0.002 inches per vertical inch squareness and plus/minus 0.005-length tolerance.  All of this can be done in less than 100 seconds for a 10-inch diameter piece, a significant improvement over competing sawing technologies by a factor of 10 or more, the company claims. 
The updated controls with touch screen input are operator friendly, only requiring the user to enter material diameter, cut length and to start the cycle, allowing for ‘Operator Free’ cutting. Servo-controlled pusher infeed mechanics along with application specific magazine loaders are offered along with several other options such as coolant filtration, part marking, weighing and unloading.  For more information, visit

Wet-Cut Saws Perfect for Heat-Sensitive Material
Centro-Metalcut offers wet-cutting abrasive saws ideal for cutting heat-sensitive material. The company’s CAW 700/75HP Saw uses a high-pressure coolant nozzle to ensure coolant is properly applied to the cut, rather than flooding systems that don’t stay in the cut. 
Features of the saw include automatic blade measurement; constant load and pressure monitoring; constant speed; no material deformation, increased blade life; better yield loss and lower cost per cut. 
Options available include hot or cold cutting, single or batch cutting, material measuring, complete material handling systems, automatic crop removal, and coolant and mist collection systems.  
For more information, visit

Pat Mooney Offers Vertical Tilt Auto Miter
Pat Mooney Saws and Nishijimax revolutionized metal sawing in 1996 with the introduction of the NHC range of high-speed circular saw machines. The latest technology from Nishijimax is the NHC-100M high-speed circular vertical tilt CNC auto miter. Orders are being taken now for July 2021 delivery. 
The Nishijimax NHC-100M is fully automatic, handling left and right miter cuts. Material loss is greatly reduced to 2.5-millimeter kerf. CNC setup with high-speed circular sawing results in the most economical cost per cut. Set the blade RPM and chip load per tooth and the cut time is maintained by the CNC, servo motors, and ball screws, the company claims.
“The Nishijimax NHC-100M can increase productivity three times over traditional tilt-frame miter sawing,” says Pat Thornton, president at Pat Mooney Saws. “Combined with material-handling automation like load tables with power rollers for indexing, [it] can really help service centers maximize their throughput.”  For more information, visit

ESAB Debuts Hydrocut HDX
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its new Hydrocut HDX large gantry waterjet cutting system for cutting over a work area measuring up to 18 feet wide by 56 feet long. The Hydrocut HDX can be equipped with up to four waterjet cutting heads, two oxy-fuel stations and up to two plasma stations, including ESAB’s DMX Plasma Beveller. It can also be equipped with various marking tools for high-speed text or line marking, including plasma marking, pin stamping or inkjet plate marking. 
Waterjet technology provides high precision on contoured shapes, a smooth edge with no bevel, no heat-affected zone and no dross, creating perfectly finished parts that require no secondary cleanup or machining. It also cuts almost any material and can handle sheets up to 6 inches thick. However, it is a comparatively slow and expensive process. By combining waterjet with plasma on the same gantry, customers can produce more parts for lower cost when compared to typical waterjet-only systems. 
“The Hydrocut HDX combines the precision of waterjet with the speed of plasma to optimize cycle time and quality,” says Steve Zlotnicki, global product manager, ESAB Cutting Systems.  
For more information, visit

OMAX 80X Allows For Customizable Table Size
The 80X from OMAX provides operators the ability to customize their table size.  Adding the Tilt-A-Jet to the 80X gives you advanced automated taper compensation attaining virtually zero taper for the precision cutting of parts with square, taper-free edges.
With the water-resistant rotary axis head for complex 3D parts production, the 80X’s capabilities expand to cut in as many as six axes. The specially designed IntelliMAX software suite and elite EnduroMAX Pump, 80X machines swiftly cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses from metals to advanced composites to glass.  For more information, visit

Mach 500 is Flow’s Most Accurate Machine
The Mach 500 waterjet system, driven by extensive research and continuous customer feedback, is revolutionary for its throughput, reliability, and ease of operation, Flow claims.
The complete cutting solution is integrated with components from world-leading suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, control, and solid model software to create the quickest, most accurate Flow waterjet system available. The Mach 500 is uniquely configurable with options such as Dynamic XD for bevel cutting, and FlowXpert software, for industry-leading performance and accuracy. 
Backed by exclusive FlowCare maintenance service programs, Flow’s Mach 500 delivers optimum productivity, unmatched service and ROI, Flow claims.  
For more information, visit

“The HYDMECH CSNC Saws were designed for medium- to high-production runs with several safety features that allow one operator to run several machines,” says HYDMECH Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rick Arcaro. 
The carbide saws come in different sizes, including 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm, all packaged with standard bar loaders, chip removal and mist lubrication.
“In this challenging economy our customers need to do more with less. They need more parts per hour with a superior finish while demanding precision accurate parts. They also want saws that will last for years. As such, this new line of carbide saws continues to offer the combination of quality and durability that are consistent throughout all of the HYDMECH’s lines of sawing equipment,” he says.   For more information, visit

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