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HBE Series Offers Speed and Accuracy
Behringer’s HBE series offers speed and accuracy, making them one of the sawing manufacturer’s most popular offerings. The HBE is a rigid, fully enclosed automatic bandsaw with solid cast iron bow-frame construction. 
This cast iron, produced in the company’s foundry in Germany, is designed to dampen vibrations and contributes significantly to both the cut quality and the blade life of the saw. The rigid cast iron construction also maintains consistency from project to project, so you never worry about strength or durability. 
Engineered with safety, energy efficiency and affordability in mind, the series is excellent for applications from aluminum to stainless steel, single bars to bundle cutting, and everything in between, the company claims. It is available in seven models from 10 inches to 41 inches of cutting capacity, boasting a variety of features, including a ball screw servo-driven feeding gripper, precision guiding systems and electrically controlled chip brushes.
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Cosen's Band Saw for Mass Production
Cosen’s C-780FNC is a fully automatic horizontal dual-column band saw ideal for mass production settings. The C-780FNC fits right into Cosen’s extensive range of automatic dual-column band saws that provide a variety of cutting capacities for both single pieces and bundles. The dual-column design ensures more rigidity and stability during each cut. Its large capacity gives it flexibility for larger material and wide bundles. 
The fully automatic saw has a round capacity of 21.7 inches and a rectangular capacity of 21.7 inches by 30.7 inches. The saw comes equipped with a 2-inch blade, 10-horsepower blade motor, a built in 7.5-degree blade cant, and Cosen’s save-a-blade feature. Program up to 100 different jobs with Cosen’s Smart NC-100 technology, including the quantity and length of each cut. 
Other features include a hydraulic chip auger, height encoder, and full capacity hydraulic bundle clamps that result in faster and more efficient cutting. The C-780FNC is available in both long (118-inch single index) and short (23.6-inch single index) stroke configurations to help suit any production facilities that require and focus on bundle cutting. 
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TruLaser Series Updated
TRUMPF has debuted the new generation of the TruLaser Series 1000 with more productivity, process stability and cost-effectiveness. For the first time, the Highspeed Eco function is being used on this machine type. 
Here, a nozzle developed by TRUMPF directs the cutting gas specifically to the sheet metal. This increases the machine’s feed rate by up to 70 percent, while reducing gas consumption by around 60 percent. 
The machine cuts sheet metal significantly faster than conventional 2D laser machines. In addition, the new series also features CoolLine technology for the first time. This function automatically sprays water mist onto the sheet to ensure optimum cooling during the cutting process. In this way, even sheets up to 25 millimeters thick can be cut precisely.
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Bi-Metal Blades Come in Range of Sizes 
The L.S. Starrett Company, a global manufacturer of precision hand tools and gauges, power tool accessories, saw blades and more, offers the newly positioned Intenss Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for general purpose metal sawing of a wide range of materials and shapes.
Featuring a patented process developed by Starrett that provides 170 percent more weld contact with the teeth, Intenss blades exhibit superior resistance to tooth strippage, significantly reducing fracture and breakage, which enables exceptionally long blade life. Performance is further enhanced by M-42 teeth with a multi-edge tooth design that produces split chips for faster cutting. 
The blades are available in 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch widths and 0.025-inch and 0.35-inch thicknesses. Blades in 1 1/4-inch or 1 1/2-inch widths and 0.35-inch and 0.42-inch thicknesses are also available without the bi-metal unique feature. Intenss blades are offered in pitches of 10, 14 or 18, and 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 6 and 5 to 8 variable pitches. Coil lengths are available in 100 feet, 150 feet and 250 feet, depending on blade widths. 
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Hypertherm Launches Air Plasma Systems
Hypertherm, a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has introduced three new air plasma systems called Powermax SYNC. Featuring built-in intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable, this next generation of Powermax65/85/105 systems is unlike any other plasma in the world, Hypertherm claims.
Powermax SYNC and its SmartSYNC torch replaces the traditional five-piece consumable stack-up with a single color-coded cartridge. Technology embedded in each cartridge automatically sets the correct amperage, air pressure  and operating mode and lets operators know when a new cartridge is needed. Additionally, controls on the SmartSYNC torch allow operators to adjust the amperage and change the cartridge without returning to the power supply. 
The cartridge is manufactured as a single piece so everything within it is perfectly aligned and optimized, the company claims.  As a result, the Hypertherm cartridge for Powermax systems will last up to twice as long and deliver cleaner cuts versus traditional consumables. 
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KASTOwin Covers Full Range of Band Saws
The KASTOwin range consists of five fully automated band saws that cover cutting ranges from 13 to 42 inches. In addition, the machines are universally suitable for use with various types of steel. This makes the KASTOwin range a flexible solution for numerous applications. 
The various sizes are all designed in line with the same construction, while the components used are largely identical. This means that KASTO can offer the saws at considerably lower prices than comparable products. 
Meanwhile, quality remains a central issue, as a glance at the technical details shows. All KASTOwin band saws feature a frequency-controlled drive that enables cutting speeds of 40 to 490 feet per minute. For all machine sizes, the saw band is hydraulically tightened and looped around hydraulic band guides. KASTO engineers place particular value on trimming both the hydraulic power unit and the drives for high-energy efficiency.
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Cincinnati Intros CLi
Cincinnati Inc., an American-owned and American-built machine tool manufacturer since the 19th century, has introduced the CLi, a high quality fiber laser with a compact footprint and compact price.
The machine neatly occupies a spot in the CI product portfolio, ensuring users no longer need to count on contract manufacturing partners and mysterious lead times if they need laser cutting done. The lowercase i in CLi stands for “introductory,” meaning it’s an ideal starting laser that has all the functions necessary for shops that want to make parts rather than outsource.
The CLi, much like its siblings in the CI family, packs user friendliness and easy operability thanks to its HMI control and dual screen Windows-based interface. The 5-foot by 5-foot table is packed into an economical 10-foot by 11-foot footprint, meaning it can fit just about anywhere on a shop floor, the company claims.
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Mach 500 Quick and Accurate
Flow Waterjet, Kent, Wash., engineered the Mach 500 around extensive research and customer feedback, creating a complete waterjet cutting solution marking the arrival of a new industry standard. 
By integrating top-of-the-line components from world-leading suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control and solid model software, the Mach 500 is the quickest, most accurate Flow waterjet system yet. The Mach 500 is revolutionary in terms of throughput, reliability, productivity, ease of operation, and backed by a comprehensive service and support program, an industry first, Flow claims. 
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