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New Mazak Machine Controls Beam Better
The Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber S7 from Mazak, Elgin, Ill., is designed with Variable Beam Parameter Product technology that better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance, the company claims. The machine is available in a high-power 7kW configuration.
V-BPP enables Fiber S7 users to select from high-intensity, small-spot-size beams to large, donut-shaped beams, and everything in between. Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick- and thin-metal cutting, higher cutting speed, superior edge quality, and improved piercing time. V-BPP enables users to select specific beam shapes that can significantly improve part quality.
Active live camera nesting is available on the machine. This user-friendly solution allows operators to quickly and easily process additional parts on demand, without delay, Mazak claims.
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Workstation Configured for Pulsed Fiber
AMADA WELD TECH Inc., Monrovia, Calif., has launched a new WL-300A laser processing workstation, configured for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications. Typical applications include marking of metals and select plastics, particularly for medical, electronic components, battery and aerospace applications.
This laser workstation is a larger version of the LMWS laser marker workstation that is designed to accommodate larger parts. Integrated with Amada Miyachi’s industrially proven LMF Fiber Lasers, the WL-300A units have the same GUI and interface for easy transfer from prototype to production phase. The WL-300A is available in bench top or floor standing options. Standard options available include an XY table, rotary stage, cover gas module, fume extraction, bar code reader and camera systems to tailor the machines to the specific process.
Featuring fast and precise motorized Z-axis for easy focus adjustment, easy access to parts and tooling, and an optional XY table for step and repeat motion, the WL-300A offers a large viewing window for easy visual observation.
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ESAB Launches AutoRex for Safe Operations
To increase safety and productivity while also automating material handling, Annapolis Junction, Md.-based ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers AutoRex, a fully-enclosed thermal cutting system that works with any of its automated cutting machines.
“The AutoRex system is essentially a cutting machine inside its own room combined with shuttle table for automated plate loading and parts unloading,” said Steve Zlotnicki, global product manager, ESAB Cutting Systems. “The enclosure completely blocks out harmful UV light emissions and dramatically reduces noise, while ensuring that the ventilation system captures 100 percent of cutting smoke inside the cabin.”
The shuttle table system features dual pallets to maximize arc-on time. When one plate comes out for part and skeleton removal, the new plate is ready for exchange and immediate cutting. Loading and unloading outside the enclosure increases safety by isolating workers from the cutting zone and enabling the use of a crane without interrupting the cutting operation.
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Mach 500 Designed for Productivity
Kent, Wash.-based Flow Corporation’s Mach 500 waterjet system, driven by extensive research and continuous customer feedback, is revolutionary for its throughput, reliability and ease of operation, the company claims.
The complete cutting solution is integrated with components from world-leading suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, control and solid model software to create the quickest, most accurate Flow waterjet system available. The Mach 500 is uniquely configurable with options such as Dynamic XD for bevel cutting, and FlowXpert software, for industry-leading performance and accuracy.
Backed by exclusive FlowCare maintenance service programs, Flow’s Mach 500 delivers optimum productivity, unmatched service and ROI, Flow claims. For more information, visit

MPC2000 MC Offers Drilling, Tapping, Milling
Manufacturers have been demanding a faster, more accurate way of producing parts, and Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based Messer Cutting Systems has accepted the challenge, the company claims. The new MPC2000 MC features greatly enhanced drilling up to 4 inches, tapping up to 1 ½ inches and milling capability, with a robust design and higher acceleration drives.  
The new drilling and milling chip high-suction vacuum system allows for a cleaner table surface and work area. Also, there is a collection hopper for recycling chips.  
This machine has multi-process capability including plasma and oxyfuel cutting, bevel cutting, and marking, all coupled with OmniWin software. For more information, visit

Bystronic, MSS Nitrogen Partner on Products
Bystronic Inc. and MSS Nitrogen Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to supply two Nitrogen generation and gas mixing products into the North American market. The companies will supply NitroCube-Bystronic N2 Generation and NitrO2 Mixing, both powered by MSS.
Bystronic will be responsible for the sales and distribution of the products and MSS will provide installation, training and service.
NitroCube is the most compact Nitrogen Generation system on the market and provides the guaranteed lowest cost and highest purity for Nitrogen, Bystronic claims. NitroCube is ideally suited to meet the demands of today’s ever-increasing fiber laser cutting requirements.
The NitrO2 Mixing product offers the advantage of inline mixing of nitrogen and oxygen gas sources to create a custom mixture that both enhances edge quality and increases laser cutting speeds by up to three times faster compared to N2 or O2 single supplies. For more information, visit

New Discs for Hard-to-Grind Materials

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, has introduced its Norton BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs with premium ceramic alumina micro-fracturing grain for a wide range of grinding processes in stainless steel and harder-to-grind materials. New proprietary Cool Friction technology dissipates heat during the grind, reducing rework and extending the life of the discs.
Norton BlazeX F980 Discs are the latest addition to the BlazeX Best Tier portfolio which also includes BlazeX F970 Fiber and Quick-Change Discs for Carbon Steel and Soft-To-Grind Materials.
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Hypertherm Offers New Consumables

Hypertherm, a Hanover, N.H.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has released a series of extreme bevel consumables for its MAXPRO200 LongLife air and oxygen plasma cutting system.  
The consumables, designed for mechanized, robotic, and handheld cutting, have an aggressive pointed geometry so the plasma torch can tilt to an angle of up to 66.5 degrees. This makes the consumables ideal for a wide range of jobs, including steep mechanized beveling, tube and pipe cutting, structural steel work, pressure vessel construction and handheld cutting. In addition, it makes it easier for operators to see what they are cutting and gives them better access to beam flanges and areas with limited clearance for better cuts and fewer secondary operations.
The extreme bevel consumables are available for both air and oxygen cutting at 130 and 200 amps. MAXPRO200 owners and operators can choose to purchase the consumables separately or as part of a starter kit  that includes consumables for all the extreme bevel cutting processes available for this system. For more information, visit

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