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Large Format Cutting by Messer
The New Element 400L Unitized cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems is the future of large format laser cutting up to 20kW, the company claims. The U.S.-manufactured cutting machine has acceleration and speeds that can support two laser or plasma heads with no loss of performance. 
The machine is complemented by the all-new Bevel-U, a high-precision bevel unit that supports laser beveling up to 50 degrees.  The higher acceleration of the new Element 400L Unitized will provide a better cut quality, with vertical or bevel cutting surpassing any of the competition. On board the Element L is the Slagger self-cleaning table.
The Element 400L, combined with material handling solutions and OmniFab Software, is tailor-made for order-related production. It integrates Messer mechanical engineering technology into the daily business process, which makes it possible to achieve complete end-to-end integration from the front office to the finished goods.
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Hypertherm Launches ProNest LT 2023
Hypertherm Associates, a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has released ProNest LT 2023 version 15.1 nesting software, which is now available on a low-cost subscription basis for the waterjet cutting market.
“With the price of raw materials rising, ProNest LT uses advanced, true-shape nesting algorithms to help waterjet fabricators and manufacturers improve efficiency, get the most out of their material and lower costs,” says Tom Stillwell, product marketing manager for the Hypertherm Associates Software Group. “Moreover, software that is based on a subscription model makes it easier to incorporate automation into existing workflows.”
ProNest LT subscriptions for waterjet will support virtually any make or model of a waterjet machine, allowing users to easily insert the nesting component into their existing workflow. There are two waterjet subscription tiers to choose from: ProNest LT OMAX, specifically designed for OMAX waterjet machines, and ProNest LT Waterjet Plus, which supports conventional and straight cutting for virtually any waterjet brand plus plasma and oxyfuel cutting, all in one package.
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TRUMPF Upgrades 5000 Series
TRUMPF has upgraded its TruLaser 5000 series laser cutting machine with a laser that provides 24kW of power – double the previous standard. Depending on customer application and material, the advanced TruLaser 5000 can cut nearly three times as fast and with up to 80 percent higher productivity compared with a 12kW laser. 
The 24 kW TruLaser 5000 can process stainless and mild steel sheet thicknesses of up to two inches and can cut up to one-inch thick material with nitrogen, with less burr and hardly any need for reworking. At the same time, the increased laser power improves the quality of cut parts, especially in medium and high sheet thicknesses.
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Software Enhances Speed, Quality
Cincinnati’s Encompass software is dedicated to helping operators tackle projects with greater speed and quality. And, using digital twins, one moves from the digital part to the physical part accurately and efficiently. 
The Encompass by Cincinnati suite includes:
• Design: From 3D models, accurately import geometry and identify the correct flat blank. 
• Nest: Amplify your ability to nest your laser parts with software automation and create optimized machine code to make your Cincinnati laser (and most other lasers) operate at top performance.
• Bend: Supercharge your offline press brake programming with advanced software automation.
• Schedule: Take the stress out of scheduling by automatically scheduling multiple jobs across multiple shifts and multiple CI lasers. 
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Focusing Lenses from Laser Research
Aline of ZnSe laser focusing lenses for steel cutting lasers up to 4kW for cutting heavy steel fabrications has been introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, R.I. 
Laser Research CO2 Focusing Lenses are ideally suited for 10.6 µm 200W to 400kW lasers used for cutting heavy steel parts and come in one- to 2.5-inch O.D. sizes with focal lengths from five to 10 inches in half-inch increments to match specific steel cutting requirements. Offered in plano-convex and meniscus configurations, they can be supplied plain and mounted.
Laser Research CO2 Focusing Lenses are available with A/R coatings providing less than 0.2 percent total absorption and with a proprietary Cool-Cut coating which absorbs less than 0.15 percent of laser energy to protect against heat damage.
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New Series Features 4 Models
Thermal Dynamics Automation’s new UC Series of high-precision automated plasma power supplies features four models offering cutting power ranging from 130 up to 800 Ampere for maximum productivity, cut quality and reliability for piercing mild steel up to 50 millimeters (90-millimeter edge start) and stainless steel up to 100 millimeters (160-millimeter edge start).
“The new UC series delivers development work from the last two years to cut faster, better and smarter,” says Dirk Ott, vice president, Global Plasma Automation, Thermal Dynamics.  “For example, two UC 201, UC 301 or UC 401 can now be connected, double cutting output to 400, 600 or 800 amps, respectively, or they can operate independently. Furthermore, the QuickPierce technology dramatically improves very thick mild steel cutting performance, making the new UC series the ideal choice for heavy duty applications.”
Target applications for the paralleling capability include fabricators and steel services centers that use two torches on the same gantry and want to increase cutting speeds on steel plates up to two inches thick.  
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Lantek Offers New Module
Lantek Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for the sheet metal and manufacturing industries, has announced the launch of a new module for its Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM nesting software. The EdgeLine Bevel module is designed to streamline the CNC programming of modern TRUMPF cutting machines, providing a more efficient and simplified process for laser machining and the preparation of components for welding operations. 
The EdgeLine Bevel technology offers several key advantages over traditional methods that allow specific beveling techniques to be performed without tilting the laser head, reducing overall processing time and eliminating the need for separate work center processes. The technology also has a significant impact on the preparation of components for welding techniques by enabling the automatic insertion of chamfers and countersinks of various sizes up to 45 degrees, providing a faster and more efficient process with fewer errors compared to traditional manual methods.
The EdgeLine Bevel module is currently available only for modern TRUMPF laser machines. 
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