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O’Neal Steel Offers PRONTO
After 100 years in the metals industry, O’Neal Steel has learned a thing or two about how their customers like to do business – which is why the company developed PRONTO, a revolutionary online ordering platform.  
With PRONTO, customers are given the freedom to shop O’Neal Steel’s expansive inventory of aluminum, hot-rolled, cold-finished, stainless and alloy steel products online anytime, anywhere on any device. Plus, customers can access important documents and pay invoices all in one place. PRONTO was designed with teams in mind and offers a multi-user interface, granting everyone from executives to estimators the freedom and flexibility to access account details.   
O’Neal Steel is committed to service excellence. The company is committed to enhancing PRONTO and rolling out new features, including increased dashboard customization options, delivery, and next stop notifications, returns and more.  
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Metal Networks.AI Expands Platform
Metal Networks.AI has announced the expanded use of its B2B platform for the industrial metals industry. Powered by its JAQI AI search engine, the B2B platform allows all buyers from across the supply chain to benefit from the power of AI technology to connect, collaborate and close business with suppliers.
The Metal Networks B2B platform provides the industry with marketplace tools without adding sales/commission costs to orders. It’s a cost-effective platform because nobody gets penalized for closing deals. Its subscription fee is the same whether a subscriber does five deals or 30 deals.
The cloud platform requires no integrations with back-end systems and provides buyers  and suppliers with advanced DIY tools to buy/sell more efficiently without dealing with “intermediaries.”  
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Industry Knowledge Meets IT Expertise
XOM Materials is an online platform for trading materials such as steel, metals, and plastics. It provides intelligent, ready-made procurement and sales solutions for buyers and sellers aiming to future-proof their businesses. XOM Materials enables customers to digitize easily without having to invest in developing their own technology.
XOM Materials’ procurement solution, XOM eProcurement, centralizes the entire materials purchasing process in a single digital tool – from sending out requests for quotations to negotiations and purchase orders. The materials requirements are uploaded via ERP integration, suppliers are easily integrated into the tool, all necessary information is available to all parties anytime and anywhere.
The innovative quotation matrix helps find the best suppliers for each request, by receiving purchase recommendations and alternatives based on prices and availability. Everything that makes the purchase and sale of materials unique is taken into account, including set-up costs, offer comparisons, processing, Incoterms, material data sheets, bundled purchases and much more.
The user and authorization administration feature enables users to digitize existing team structures and manage several branches. The tool can be individually configured and integrated into existing IT landscapes, enabling a smooth digitization and tangible efficiency increase.
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Felux Connects Buyers and Sellers
Felux gives companies access to thousands of suppliers and sellers of steel products. Felux helps companies manage steel sales, sourcing, analytics, financing and shipping.
Features of the Felux site include the ability to list material for sale quickly; negotiate offers in real time; procure material instantly; analyze and compare multiple offers on a single page; leverage flexible payment terms; track real-time freight shipments; and access online customer support.
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Bryzos Launches 3.0
Bryzos was built with the sole purpose of creating digital tools to support the steel industry. Bryzos 3.0 is a giant step toward fulfilling that vision. 
New features of Bryzos 3.0 include direct chat between buyers and sellers; back-office administration, integrating all of the necessary forms and documents to take offline work online; and email notification, which puts Bryzos directly in a user’s workflow, where you need it and when you need it.
Additionally, 3.0 features Bryzos Pay, where Bryzos becomes a payment facilitator, keeping transaction costs low and keeping Bryzos’ fees low. Bryzos Pay offers free net 60, ACH and credit card usage.
Finally, a full suite of customized and individually branded documents for each buyer and seller is available for purchase orders, sales order acknowledgement, sales orders and invoices.
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