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MBA Boosts Buyout Business
Metal Buyer’s Advantage boosts your buyout business with lightning fast searches of North America’s largest metal supplier database. Metal Suppliers Online gives you access to a curated database of 5,345 metal distributors, producers, open die forge and extrusion shops. 
MBA is an indispensable tool for your team, allowing you to search by grade, spec or tradename, to see every supplier of the grade, form and size you’re after; quickly determine whether the metal your client needs is available – or verify that it is NOT available; avoid wasting staff time on dead ends; and extend your supply chain and find new sales opportunities. 
Your clients consider you a one-stop shop. Metal Suppliers Online is your one stop shop – a powerful back-end resource that delivers insight and access to an inventory of metals from across North America.
When you use the leading database in North America, you become the leading supplier with your buyers, a site built by metal professionals for metal professionals.
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Felux Fully Transparent
Felux is the only fully transparent steel industry B2B marketplace to buy and sell prime, excess and obsolete material. Unlike other platforms, Felux is not a brokerage and it uses proprietary technology and expertise to help strengthen your ability to win more business, get access to cheaper and more transparent credit, financing and freight options. 
Felux works with mills, service centers, traders and fabricators to help identify the best potential customers for your business and gives you hundreds of new potential customers at a click of a button by creating matches for both supply and demand.
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Bystronic Intros BySoft Suite
Bystronic has introduced a new software solution for the sheet metal industry. BySoft Suite expands on the existing and highly popular BySoft software products already used by most of Bystronic’s customers. With the new software solution, customers can now completely digitalize their business, from quote to delivery – a step beyond Smart Factory.
BySoft Suite is comprised of six software product families (Insight, Business, Shop Floor, CAD, CAM, Cell Control) that collectively enable the customer to digitally monitor, manage and make decisions at each stage of their business process. The software suite allows better control and accelerated processes by providing immediate data in one place, giving them the ability to make changes when needed. This capability allows customers to adapt to ever-changing and unpredictable market challenges, and to make business decisions with more comprehensive and centralized data.
BySoft’s new software suite allows any company in the sheet metal industry the opportunity to digitalize, regardless of size or current level of digitization. 
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Hypertherm Updates Robotmaster 
Hypertherm Associates has launched a major version update and new name for its Robotmaster offline programming software for robots: Robotmaster 2023. 
Robotmaster 2023 bridges the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics by enabling seamless integration between a user’s chosen CAD/CAM software and Robotmaster. This automatic integration eliminates the need to import and sync data for a 75 percent reduction in programming time. It also eliminates the programming errors that can happen when using a manual process. 
In addition, the new Robotmaster version allows for the creation of libraries that provide a more convenient way to store and re-use robotic cell components. Users can easily preview and select components within the library and save modified or proprietary components for later use. This will reduce the cost of building and editing a cell by approximately 50 percent. Jobs that used to take an hour will now take 30 minutes. 
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Bryzos Introduces Webstores
Bryzos recently launched Bryzos Webstores, a new feature that instantly ushers companies into the digitization taking place across the steel industry. To date, creating a full-featured e-commerce website with checkout capabilities requires significant amounts of resources and investment. 
With Bryzos Webstores, however, a company can create their webstore in a matter of minutes and there is zero upfront investment required. Bryzos Webstores provide all companies the ability to transact digitally.
When creating a Bryzos Webstore, companies can customize the layout, look and feel of their webstore, including the placement of their company name and logo. The webstore can act almost as an extension of a company’s webpage. The webstore can be stocked with inventory and allows buyers to chat, negotiate and purchase directly from the seller.
In today’s steel environment, a growing number of buyers are looking for instant access to steel availability and pricing. Bryzos Webstores is the solution that makes this possible.
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Reibus Adds Logistics to Offerings
Reibus Logistics was started to solve the metal industry’s most common shipping challenges and has found immediate success by taking the hassle out of shipping metal products and providing the industry’s most transparent, predictable, and reliable freight services. 
Reibus Logistics is driven by a team of logistics and metals professionals, using proprietary technology and partnering with a curated network of carriers to deliver transparent, quality service at a competitive cost.  Reibus Logistics’ carrier-centric approach and technology-based solutions differentiate it from other logistics solutions. 
Whether metal products are purchased through Reibus or not, customers benefit from Reibus Logistics because of its simplicity, with Reibus serving as a single point of contact available 24/7/365 for everything from simple questions to claims management.  
Reibus Logistics provides transparency with instant online quotes, digital tracking and system integration that provides real-time visibility into the status of freight, and with its expansive, embedded position in the metals industry, Reibus can secure competitive rates with carriers who specialize in shipping metal.
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