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AI Drives FlatTrak CL
Bradbury’s FlatTrak CL is an innovative system that uses artificial intelligence to analyze strip condition and adjust the Bradbury Leveler to provide flat material. The system continuously scans the strip surface to identify any shape defects and displays actual shape conditions in real time on a TV monitor. 
The operator can make informed decisions for leveler adjustment to improve flatness. When installed with a Bradbury e-Drive Leveler, the Flat Trak CL System can automatically adjust the leveler to maintain a flat strip. 
The FlatTrak CL continuously reads the strip by using Servo motors to actuate the outside sensors, which monitor the strip’s outer edge. Flat Trak CL will help the operator reduce out-of-flat material and scrap by alerting the operator the material does not meet the required specifications
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FASTR Reinvents Slitting
Fagor Arrasate’s latest innovation, the Slitter Tooling Robot (FASTR) revolutionizes slitting lines, while addressing industry challenges such as labor shortages and intensified competitiveness. It introduces complete automation to the tooling changeover process, elevating productivity and flexibility in coil slitting operations.
Key Features of FASTR include an assembly calculation assistant which leverages algorithms to optimize tool usage, automatic knife edge inspection,  washing system to extend tool life and streamlined tool loading. 
These meticulously designed automated processes not only maximize productivity but also minimize manual intervention, positioning your business at the forefront of the competitive coil slitting market, Fagor Arrasate claimed. FASTR represents a technological leap, addressing industry challenges and enhancing overall performance.
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FIMI Handles Ferrous, Nonferrous Material
FIMIGroup specializes in the design, manufacture and commissioning of complete plants and machines for processing ferrous and nonferrous coils. These plants are leaders in the global steel industry thanks to patented solutions, high-quality and high-technological content that guarantees top performance, FIMI claimed.
The flagship of FIMI’s products, in particular, are its Cut-to-Length and Slitting Lines. The CTL lines can level high-strength steel coils up to 2,000 N/millimeter squared yield strength, achieving perfect leveling quality and a level of internal tension dimension to meet the special demands of laser cutting. 
Slitting lines are designed to guarantee the best strip surface quality and highest production capacity. These results are possible thanks to a series of
special machines and devices designed by FIMI. 
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Schnutz Brings Experience to NA
With more than 2,000 installations worldwide, the b+s group offers the North American market a variety of solutions for coil processing systems.  
Schnutz Levelers, an integral member of the b+s group, has more than 175 years of experience in the market. Throughout this time, the company has seen its fair share of challenging applications. Schnutz excels in leveling ferrous and nonferrous materials with complex attributes, such as perforated stock. 
Through the automation group, b+s can also address unique projects for complete system integration. The company has successfully supplied the electrical package to a variety of coil processing systems, such as slitting, CTL and tension leveling lines. And, in connection with other several vendors, annealing and painting lines.
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New Holder Stores Up to 6 Rolls
Today, PVC films that are applied to coils during the cut-to-length or slitting process come in a range of thicknesses, colors and adhesive strengths. With the large variety of paper and PVC films available comes the need to frequently change rolls, sometimes multiple times per coil. This results in significant machine down time and lost production. 
Red Bud Industries’ new Multi-Roll Holder will store up to six rolls at a time and it can be expanded to hold up to 12. When required, the unit will automatically return the roll being used to the holding area, retrieve the next roll and load it into the applicator.
In addition, the system will automatically keep track of each roll and alert the operator when it is almost depleted. The cores of depleted rolls can be removed and new rolls loaded while the line is in operation. This improves efficiency and eliminates the need for operators to climb on the machine and manually load and unload heavy rolls. 
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Straightener Corrects Shape, Breaks Scale
Allor Manufacturing Inc. has introduced its new Compact Straightener equipped with small diameter work rolls for shape correction and scale breaking designed to meet customer product needs.
Applications for the straightener include pickle, slitting and recoiling lines. 
Features of the new machine include a machine top that opens up 180 degrees for easy maintenance and cassette changes; 12-inch-diameter-driven pinch rolls to help pull thick strip off of the uncoiler; seven work rolls to improve strip shape and shape the head of the coil for line feeding; and an internal scale removal conveyor system to help remove scale debris from the machine helping to keep the product, backup bearings, work rolls and work area clean.
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Synergy Extends Gauge Range
The Butech Bliss Synergy Leveling System is comprised of an independent work roll drive system and a patented roll configuration that extends the working gauge range of the leveler without requiring roll cassette changes or two separate levelers.
The system utilizes fail-safe individual work roll drives. In the event of an unlikely failure of one or more work roll drive trains, the loss only marginally reduces leveler performance. This enables your line to continue operating so that maintenance can be performed at a time that won’t interfere with production requirements. Each work roll has its own dedicated motor and independent gear reduction, allowing each roll to load share and turn at the exact speed dictated by the leveler’s plunge setting. Pinion stand and split pinion stand levelers experience distribution box inefficiencies and drive shaft wind up problems. 
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Slitting Heads Handle Range of Strip Widths
Athader’s double-eccentric slitting heads efficiently handle strips ranging from 0.006 inches to 0.750 inches in thickness, guaranteeing precise width tolerances and minimal strip burr. These heads feature slitter arbors mounted on precision double eccentrics and are supported by pre-loaded precision bearings with zero axial clearances. 
An automated hydraulic high-pressure 360-degree locking system secures the slitter tooling on the arbor, ensuring correct pressure. 
The double-eccentric slitter heads provide stability and consistent tooling lockup, resulting in clean fractures and superior edge quality. They maintain a consistent pass line, enabling high-strength material slitting with minimal penetration. 
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Flatness in Seconds with ARKU
Manufacturing needs to be flexible and so should your equipment. ARKU manufactures precision levelers to ensure complete flatness for parts, sheets and plates with reduced internal stresses – for materials as thin as 0.005 inches up to a max thickness of 2.40 inches. Compared with other leveling methods, ARKU’s levelers deliver perfectly flat and nearly stress-free materials in only a matter of seconds. This allows for subsequent processing to become more efficient and cost effective, ultimately leading to a higher final product quality.   
The comprehensive lineup of ARKU precision levelers allows for optimal product quality and process reliability that will put your business a step ahead of the competition.
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