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Baumann Intros EGX X-Plus
Baumann has launched its EGX X-Plus Series, introducing advanced safety and efficiency technology. The EGX incorporates Baumann’s SafeLoad Assistance to prevent tipping accidents during long load operations. 
With a 120-volt range, extended outreach and vector control technology, the series ensures smoother acceleration, longer battery life and precise load handling. The lithium-ion battery option, a first for Baumann, allows for efficient use of time and resources with extended operating times and fast charging.
The EGX features an upgraded Variable Reach System Archimedes screw outreach system, enhancing versatility. Baumann’s technology addresses stability challenges by assessing forces within the chassis, offering real-time warnings when safe limits are exceeded. EGX models are a real game changer with the system’s capability to provide unprecedented levels of safety awareness and reduce damage costs, Cavaion Baumann claimed. 
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Combilift Unveils New Electric Model
Combilift has launched the CB70E, a further addition to the company’s ever-growing range of electric models, which offer powerful performance, extensive battery life and unrivalled ergonomics, the company claimed. The Combi-CB70E boasts the distinction of being the shortest 7-ton capacity counterbalance truck on the market while also benefitting from multidirectional ability, enabling the versatile, space-saving handling of both long and bulky loads. 
Design features incorporated into the high-capacity Combi-CB70E include large super-elastic tires and compact wheelbase. With a 7,000-kilogram/15,500-pound lift capacity, the model benefits from an impressively small footprint as well as exceptional maneuverability, meaning that it can easily move bulky loads around in confined spaces.   
Drivers of industrial vehicles, who are often required to spend extensive periods in their workstations, quite rightly expect the highest levels of comfort and safety. Combilift’s designers have therefore gone to great lengths to ensure that the latest generation of models are kitted with quality components that ensure a stress-free, in-cab environment. 
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Conveyor System Allows Seamless Movement
The Over-Under Conveyor System from Steel Storage Systems facilitates the handoff between an AGV and a side-loader or other material handling equipment to expedite order-filling, sawing or processing. The Over-Under comprises two sets of stacked transfers, an upper and a lower, one to accumulate material and one to discharge. 
The design allows seamless movement from stock to processing, returning overages and minimizing idle time. Often stored in pans, the material is indexed automatically to ensure continuous flow. The Over-Under can integrate with other handling systems. Additional features include HMI touch-screen controls, safety mats, light curtains and connectivity for remote support and status monitoring.
Providing bidirectional material flow in the same footprint frees up valuable space for additional metal processing or storage capacity. It is ideal for service center applications requiring automated functionality. Combined with high-density metal storage, the Over-Under Conveyor increases productivity and safety and occupies half the footprint. 
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Bushman Offers Scrap Grapple
In addition to a complete line of coil grabs, Bushman Equipment, Inc. manufactures a scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning looping pits on slitting lines.
Known as the Pit Bull, it attaches to an overhead crane with no crane attachments needed. It is powered by a standard 90 to 110 psi air supply line and is operated by a hand-held non-licensed radio remote control transmitter.
New for 2024, Bushman will have a rental program in place for the Pit Bull so that companies can take a bite out of their inconvenient and dangerous scrap metal clean up. More details are available from your manufacturer’s rep or Bushman directly.
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Kivnon Launches New Pallet Stacker
Kivnon has made an addition to its AGV portfolio, its Forklift Pallet Stacker. Kivnon AGVs/AMRs are heavy-duty vehicles that improve safety and process efficiency. 
The new Forklift Pallet Stacker automatically transports stack pallets, handling loads of up to 2,645 pounds, and is ideal for any pallet storage application for internal logistics or warehousing. It can move both forward and backward and comes equipped with lifting forks to move loads vertically up to 1.5 meters and horizontally at speeds between 0.08 and 1 m/s.
The vehicle uses mapping navigation to perform cyclic or conditioned routes and interacts with other AGVs/AMRs, machines, systems and people to provide a versatile, plant-wide logistics solution. The entire Kivnon AGV/AMR range incorporates security scanners to allow the vehicle to operate safely among people and other machines.  An online battery charging system ensures 24/7 operations without the need to stop and charge.
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Caldwell Expands Stock
Caldwell recently increased in-stock inventory levels on more than 400 of the company’s best-selling items and has given the go-ahead for manufacturer representatives and inside sales teams to begin sharing details of the program with distributors.
“Our in-stock program makes us more efficient, smarter and better prepared to serve customers than ever before because it forces us to focus on what matters –supporting distributors,” said Doug Stitt, president and CEO at The Caldwell Group Inc.  
Stitt and his team have been working for more than a year to get manufacturing processes, product management protocols, sales reporting, distributor feedback loops and warehouse space planning in top working order to support increased levels of on-the-shelf inventory, resulting in faster order turnaround, higher order fill rates and stronger relationships with the below-the-hook distributor network. 
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Canrack Simplifies Sheet Order Filling
Acustom engineered Bundle Splitter system from Canrack allows sheet order filling without any lifting, completely scratch-free and at a higher volume than achievable with traditional order filling methods.
The Bundle Splitter System is modular and scalable to your needs. High-volume systems can be configured to suit order volume, number of operators, material moving equipment, space available and budget. Low- volume requirements can range from a one-sided system to a few tables. 
When paired with Canrack’s tank conveyors, a splitter system can move and handle skid types that roller conveyors cannot. This improves both order volume out the door and material handling flexibility.
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