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Canrack Introduces Cantilever Racking
Canrack Storage Systems Inc., Toronto, Ontario, has introduced heavy-duty cantilever racks, designed to simplify inventory control, with all loads being visible for inspection, counting or weighing. The racks make it easy to arrange stock by size and shape, as well as by part number or end use. With better access for handling equipment, Canrack cantilever racking helps to keep incoming and outgoing loads out of the way of other operations.
The Cantilever Racks are designed to be tool-less, featuring fully-engineered tapered columns with a powder coat finish.
For more information, call 905-564-6250 or visit

Caldwell Develops Custom Forklift Attachment
The Caldwell Group Inc., Rockford, Ill., has manufactured a custom-lifting master coil lifter that attaches to a forklift truck to unload steel coils from rail cars.
Boasting a 24,000-pound capacity, this attachment is designed to reduce injury and reduce the time it takes to unload a single car, Caldwell claims. With the lifter, a rigger beneath the hook (forks) is no longer required.
For more information, call 800-628-4263 or visit

Bushman Develops Scrap Grapple
Bushman Equipment Inc., Butler, Wis., has introduced an all-mechanical version of its Pit Bull scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning out looping pits.
Pit Bull attaches to the overhead crane that services the slitting line.  No crane modifications are necessary, and no external air supply is required.  The grapple lifting capacity is 1,000 pounds.  Pit Bull is actuated by Bushman’s automatic tong-latching device. Tong link arms open and close the high-strength steel plate jaws.
If a crane hook does not reach near the bottom of the looping pit, Bushman offers an optional electric chain hoist that attaches to the crane hook and lowers the Pit Bull to the pit floor. For more information, call 800-338-7810 or visit

Steel Storage Weighs Processing in Design
Steel Storage Systems focuses on designing material handling systems that best serve the customer’s processing equipment and requirements.  A metal service center’s processing application is one of many variables considered in designing a custom material handling system.
These systems include the Lift and Carry System used by Siskin Steel. Collaboration ensures the systems proposed improves customers’ effectiveness, the company claims.
For more information, call 303-287-0291 or visit

Presto ECOA Lifts Introduces Pallet Leveler
Norton, Mass.-based Presto ECOA Lifts has introduced the P3 Operator Controlled Load Leveler to increase productivity and improve worker safety during manual pallet loading and unloading. The operator presses a button to raise or lower the unit to position the top layer of boxes at an easy-to-access height.
The leveler – available with 2,000- or 4,000-pound capacities – features precise required load positioning and can be used when load weights, pallet sizes or product dimensions vary. Hydraulic cylinders raise the platform up to 27 3/4 inches and lower the platform down to 9 1/2 inches. Lifting and lowering is controlled via a footswitch or hand pendant.
The leveler’s platform has an integrated turntable that sits on anti-friction bearings, allowing users to spin the load so they are always loading and unloading from the same spot with no need to reach across or walk around the pallet. The unit’s base is equipped with fork pockets, which provide exceptional stability – no lagging required – and allow it to be easily moved to a different location with a forklift or stacker.
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Lifting Device for Social Distancing

With social distancing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining efficiency with a limited or restricted workforce has never been more paramount.
This is why Letha, Idaho-based Sky Hook is offering a single-operator ergonomic lifting device, as opposed to a two-person lift. This device is customizable and lightweight.This lifting device is said to adapt to a variety of work environments.
For more information, call 208-365-5770 or visit

Magnetek Offers MagnePulse DMC Series 2 Digital Magnet Control
Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based Magnetek has released MagnePulse DMC Series 2 Digital Magnet Control, which offers diagnostic capabilities that improve communication between the drive and operators and simplify the process of accessing the drive and its performance data.
Fully compatible with Magnetek-brand diagnostic tools, MagnePulse DMC Series 2 delivers critical performance information, such as alarm, fault, and run details that can assist with predictive maintenance and help minimize downtime when operating industrial lifting magnets in heavy-duty applications.
For more information, call 800-288-8178 or visit

Self-Erecting Portable Overhead Crane
Air Technical Industries, Mentor, Ohio, has developed a double- or single-folding girder gantry crane. The pre-assembled crane is shipped and can be stored in a 20-foot ISO container, and it quickly and easily transforms into a full-featured, ready-to-use overhead crane.
The electrically-powered indoor/outdoor crane allows flexible multitasking in a variety of environments or circumstances. The machine offers immediacy of use; it is not fixed to the floor or building columns and does not need a runway. Mobility is provided on eight polyurethane swivel wheels with swivel locks and wheel brakes.
The crane is available in capacities of 4,000, 6,000, 10,000 and 20,000 pounds; its span width limited only to the size of the container. It comes in under beam heights of 12, 14, 16 and 18 feet. The electrically powered hydraulic unit can also be powered wirelessly. Smaller units can be manually manipulated, while heavier units are self-propelled with power steering control.
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Hamilton Caster Introduces Electric-Powered Products
Hamilton, Ohio-based Hamilton Caster has introduced two product lines to its e-Power Cart & Trailer offerings.  A series of four industrial e-Power pushers are designed to push or pull in-plant trailers with load capacities between 3,000 and 100,000 pounds. They are designed to be more maneuverable and versatile and with a smaller footprint than a forklift or AGV.
In addition, the company is featuring e-Power vehicles with easy wagon-style steering to push or pull payloads up to 10,000 pounds.  
Hamilton’s pushers can move a multitude of materials in varying sizes and shapes in and out of hard-to-reach areas.  To facilitate quick connects and disconnects, the powered and non-powered elements work seamlessly together, the company claims.
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TAB Industries Introduces Portable Orbital Stretch-Wrapping Machines
Reading, Pa.-based TAB Industries has released portable TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch-wrapping machines that can be moved safely without requiring a lift truck. Featuring durable casters and mounting brackets, the optional portability package was developed to ease movement around warehouses, production
lines, shipping departments and other locations.
Workers turn a crank to lower the casters onto the floor and raise the machine off the floor to allow smooth movement from one location to another. Once in place, the casters may be quickly raised and the machine lowered onto the floor, ready to plug in and operate.
The portable TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch wrappers have automated the wrapping process for locations, such as multiple assembly lines, without investing in multiple machines. By moving the machine to the product, the portability package reduces product handling and minimizes the risk of damage to products in process.
The wrappers wrap plastic film 360 degrees around and under a pallet and its load to secure the load to the pallet and create a sturdy, unitized load without banding, boxing or strapping.
For more information, call 610-921-0012 or visit

I-Beam Rack Kits Part of Quick Ship Program
Steel King Industries, Inc., Stevens Point, Wis., has introduced its I-Beam Cantilever Rack as part of Steel King’s Quick Ship program, as an easy kitted system. Customers can choose from two heights and three bay widths, each with pre-kitted bracing, eliminating the need to calculate the length of bracing and number of bolts.
The I-Beam Cantilever Rack clears floor space of stacked long, heavy, odd-shaped items such as piping, conduit, sheet metal, building materials or cable spools.
For more information, call 800-826-0203 or visit

Spring Suction Offered for Automated Racking
Bilsing Automation,  Attendorn, Germany, has announced its spring suction cup holders, which offer high precision during high-speed lateral operations such as automated stacking in the pressroom.  These spring assemblies are used with gripping systems and robot arms, helping adjust to variation in height by providing consistent cup pressure when picking up each panel.
The suction cup holders provide a soft touch, helping to lessen impact to the component and machine, as well as increasing cup life.
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Hyster Launches Ergonomic Cab and Controls

Hyster Company, Greenville, N.C., has introduced a new cabin and control system for its Big Truck range, packed with ergonomic, productivity-enhancing features in a design that positions all truck information and controls within easy reach.  
The cab is ergonomic, starting with generous cabin door width and height for easy entry and exit. The lateral seat slider allows operators to find the ideal operating position and provides an extra seat for trainers. The adjustable steer column uses a unique foot pedal design that allows operators to keep hands on the wheel while finding the right position.
The cab boasts a seven-inch integrated performance display and can run diagnostics and view truck performance – all without connecting to a computer.  The unique, standard control arm eases hydraulic operation, with touchpoint minilevers that work in tandem with the display to bring all functions within easy reach. Control arm panels have backlight options.  
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