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New KASTO System Ideal for Sheet Metal
The KASTOecostore is a compact, standardized tower storage system offered by KASTO, a provider of metal sawing and storage equipment. The system is ideal for storing sheet metal, pallets and flat goods of various sizes. 
The special advantages of the automated system are its low space requirement, high storage density, flexible clamping and fastening, short access times and excellent value for money, the company claims. The KASTOecostore is equipped with a cutting-edge drive and control system for top performance. It ensures highly dynamic, precise operation and is very easy to use.
The KASTOecostore tower storage system comes in system heights of three to eight meters and is suitable for storing sheet metal, pallets and other flat material in dimensions up to 1,524 by 3,048 millimeters.  A special format of 1,524 by 4,000 millimeters is also available. Flat pallets with a capacity of up to three tons are used for handling loads. Users can specify up to three different heights between 50 and 950 millimeters per storage system, allowing them to make optimum use of the available space. For more information, visit

Hyster’s New Lift Cuts Energy Use
Hyster Company has designed a new lift truck for high-density, high-throughput warehouse environments.  Available in 3,000- to 4,500-pound load capacities and single- or double-reach capabilities, the Hyster N30-45ZR/ZDR narrow aisle reach truck delivers reduced energy consumption and faster cycle times to help warehouses move large inventories efficiently.
“Warehouse operations are constantly pushed to do more than they thought humanly possible,” says Jennifer Meyers, brand manager, Hyster Company.  “The new Hyster reach truck is the solution they need to keep up with growing order volumes while protecting profits.”
Industry-leading lift and lower speeds enable the truck to move an extra pallet per hour compared with the leading competitors, increasing productivity by as much as 7 percent per truck, the company claims.  Additionally, the truck uses as much as 20 percent less energy, and reduced scheduled maintenance can save up to $2,500 per truck. 
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Intelli-Guide Expands Automation Solutions
Columbus McKinnon Corp., a designer and manufacturer of motion control products and technologies for material handling, has expanded its Intelli-Crane family of automation solutions with the new Intelli-Guide Auto-Dispatch System. Using Magnetek radios, drives and automation programming integrated with motors and brakes, Intelli-Guide allows operators to automatically send a load to different pre-programmed areas in a facility. 
As the load moves to the programmed destination along a determined route, the operator can work on a different task or start on the next step of the production process, increasing productivity and efficiency. 
Auto-dispatch technology does the work for operators by eliminating the need for specialized skills or knowledge of lifting technology, sway control or protected zones. Intelli-Guide also helps reduce the potential for human error by following pre-determined paths to designated positions, which also prevents potential collisions with other equipment or operators. 
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OZ Intros Beam Clamp
OZ Lifting Products LLC has revealed the third in a new range of stainless steel products–a beam clamp.
The launch of the clamp, available in 2,000- and 4,000-pound capacities, follows the Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer’s recent unveiling of a stainless steel chain hoist, designed for lifting and pulling, and a push beam trolley. The beam clamp (for I-Beams) will often be used in conjunction with a hoist and serves as an additional option if the end user wants to quickly mount the beam clamp along a beam and attach a hoist to make a lift.
“In simple terms, a beam clamp allows the user to quickly and easily attach and remove the clamp to both sides of a beam to add an anchor point for hoists and other overhead lifting equipment. Importantly, beam clamps are not intended to be used as a lifting device; they are to be used as an anchor point for a hoist or other overhead equipment and the capacity applies only to vertical loads,” says Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting.
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Konecranes Launches S-Series
Konecranes next-generation S-series crane incorporates synthetic rope and a tilted hoist drum to propel overhead crane performance beyond current limits. The new crane, now available in the U.S. and Canada, offers capacities up to 6.3 tons. 
“S” stands for synthetic rope, which through exhaustive testing has been revealed to be stronger and cleaner than steel, and significantly safer to handle. In a series of tests, Konecranes synthetic rope challenged similarly rated steel wire rope for strength and durability. In each case, the synthetic rope performed better than steel, the company claims. 
The tilted drum is designed to reduce the angle of the rope and provides even weight distribution, which results in a stable load. This also extends the lifetime of the reeving components and the rope by keeping it centered in the drum groove.
Konecranes S-series also features a new hook block design that includes more long-wearing composite parts, estimated to last 45 percent longer than steel.  And because the rope is made of synthetic material, the drum no longer needs lubrication, reducing maintenance costs for the customer. For more information, visit

TAB Adds Safety Scanners to Wrappers
Safety Scanners from orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa., feature proprietary sensor technology that recognizes the profiles of a forklift and a person and discerns one from the other. Developed to help prevent accidents and discourage traffic around the orbital wrapper in bustling facilities, the Safety Scanners allow forklift drivers to safely operate the machine while automatically shutting it down when a worker gets too close. 
When a forklift driver enters an invisible field emanating in a 180-degree arc from both the front and back of the machine, the Safety Scanners remain quiet.  Yet when a worker enters the same field, the wrapping process stops automatically and the red status light flashes red until the field is cleared and the status resets.
Available as an option on all TAB Wrapper Tornado models, the Safety Scanners now address nearly every type of human and vehicular movement in a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or other facility. The safety measure offers an extra layer of defense on top of a series of designed-in safety measures included as standard such as bumper guards, 14-gauge steel machine guarding, side access safety door with automated shut down and multiple emergency stops. 
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Combilift Designs Narrow-Aisle Lift
The Aisle Master-OP from Combilift is a stand-on, electric-powered model that combines the advantages of a narrow-aisle articulated forklift and an order picker for versatile operation in warehousing applications.
The main feature of the unit is the step-through operator compartment, which has design copyright protection across multiple markets worldwide. The low floor height of just 11 inches enables convenient, single-step access from both sides of the truck, which speeds up order picking compared to the operator having to get on and off from a seated position. The AME-OP truck has all the key advantages of the conventional Aisle Master – indoor/outdoor, for loading/offloading and for stock replenishment at other times during shifts when order picking is complete.
The Aisle Master-OP is available in a number of variants, with lift capacities from 3,300 to 6,000 pounds and lift heights up to 39 feet. It can operate in aisles as narrow as 72 inches wide. It features a patented chain steering system, which allows the truck to articulate more than 205 degrees with an inline drive motor and front drive axle assembly, all of which enable narrower aisle operation. 
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JLG Offers Hi-Capacity Boom Lift 
JLG Industries, Inc., McConnellsburg, Pa., has added the 450AJ HC3 boom lift to the JLG Hi-Capacity product line, which includes articulating and telescopic boom lift models with platform heights ranging from 40 feet to 86 feet.
Designed to offer more flexibility to get work done at height, the 450AJ HC3 model has a 45-foot platform height and 25-foot horizontal outreach. It also features the HC3 product line’s three capacity zones – 660, 750 and 1,000 pounds – giving it the ability to carry up to three occupants and tools to height in every zone.
Complying with the latest ANSI A92.20/CSA B354.6 industry standards, the 450AJ HC3 boom lift is equipped with the company’s zero calibration, automatic load-sensing system. To enhance safety and eliminate guesswork for equipment operators, this feature keeps the machine within the allowable work envelope by limiting range depending on platform load. It alerts an operator when the allowable limit of the work envelope is exceeded and enables the operator to boom down or retract into a safe zone to continue working. The zero-calibration feature eliminates the need to use external weights to calibrate the machine, saving time and effort because the machine can be recalibrated to full capacity without placing a 1,000-pound load in the platform.
Enhancing the operator experience, the LED display in the platform and ground controls on JLG HC3 boom lifts improves disability by sensing ambient like conditions and adjusting brightness to optimize operator comfort and readability. For more information, visit

Scissor Lifts Ease Transfers
PDL Series Loading Dock Scissor lifts from Presto ECOA allow users to quickly and safely transfer loads from a variety of truck bed heights to loading docks up to 59 inches. Because the lift platform is always level, transferring between truck beds and docks is easier and safer than ramps or other incline devices. 
Standard units are available in 5,000- and 6,000-pound capacities with roll-over capacity of 10,000 pounds. Base and leg sets feature a corrosion-resistant, galvanized finish.  The diamond tread steel platform sizes range from 6 by 8 feet to 8 by 12 feet and are designed for use with manual or powered pallet jacks.  Standard features include a weatherproof pushbutton NEMA-4X control with 20 feet of coiled cord; beveled toe-guards painted yellow for safety; removable steel handrails with mid-rails and 4-inch-high kickplates; a hinged, diamond-tread throw-over plate at one end of the platform and a snap chain at the other end. 
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