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Caldwell Offers Pivoting Forklift Booms
Rockford, Ill.-based The Caldwell Group Inc. continues to deliver its telescopic pivoting forklift booms to the U.S. metal service center industry. Metals supply chain participants all utilize the pivot boom, which presents a maximum horizontal reach of 12 feet. 
The Model PB is available in 3,000-, 4,000-, 6,000- and 8,000-pound capacities and is adjustable vertically in five increments up to a maximum of 40 degrees. Other key features include alternate hook positions, restraining chain with grab hook, boom locking t-pin, and a handle for easy extension. Purchasing decision makers at metal service centers – plus distributors and processors of steel, aluminum and copper products – also point to the attachment’s handle for easy extension.
The weight of the booms depends on the capacity, with the lightest being 350 pounds and the heaviest 540 pounds. 
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Coil Grabs Meet All Needs
Bushman Equipment, Inc. manufactures a complete line of coil grabs that are engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and special application needs.
The Model M5067 motorized coil grab is one of Bushman’s signature products and is used by hundreds of service centers and mills. Combining operating efficiency, protection of the coil and utilization of the overhead crane system, the M5067 motorized coil grab offers the most comprehensive coil handling features. The lifter can be operated with cab, pendant or remote controls. These coil grabs, available with capacities up to 75 tons, include replaceable, non-metallic wear bars in the frame. Many optional features are available to adapt the coil lifter to the specific needs of a coil handling system.
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Lift Tables Provide Alternative to Forks
ZLS Series Floor Height Lift Tables from Southworth have a pan-style platform that, when lowered, sits essentially flush to the floor allowing them to be loaded and unloaded with an ordinary hand pallet truck. Forklift-free loading and unloading has become increasingly important as many facilities have established fork-free zones and some have eliminated forklifts entirely.
Ideal for palletizing applications, ZLS Lifts give workers unobstructed access to loads from all four sides. Once loaded, the hydraulic lift table can be positioned to any height up to 35-3/8 inches. The large 50-inch by 48-inch platform accepts a variety of pallet and skid sizes, including open or closed bottom. Three models are available with 2,000-, 4,000- or 6000-pound capacities. A 6-inch flexible, high-visibility yellow strip is mounted to the front edge of the platform to protect against toe injuries. Lifting and lowering is controlled by either a footswitch or pushbutton pendant. Units operate on standard 115/1/60 power.   
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Conveyors Designed for Safety
Steel Storage Systems’ heavy-duty conveyor systems are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and supplied with standard safety features, including formed chain guards, control safeguards, protective barriers, and signage to support safe work environments. Optional devices, like the Safety Gate, integrate into system controls to stop conveyance for egress areas and add safety precautions at the customer’s request.
The Safety Gate is a lightweight barrier mounted between roller conveyor sections that lifts manually to create a safe and convenient walkway for egress through a Roller Conveyor.  The electrical connection to the conveyor control automatically shuts down power when the gate is raised and restores it when lowered.  Additional options include pull cords and safety mats.
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TAB Intros New Stretch Wrap Line
Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries LLC, Reading, Pa. has introduced the TWT-20120 Extra Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap.  The flagship grade in the company’s TAB line of stretch wraps, the Extra Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap was developed to offer the clarity and puncture- and tear-resistance of its TWT-2080 Standard Stretch Wrap in a beefier grade suitable for securing extra heavy pallet loads and unwieldy shapes. It also handles laser cut and formed metal parts with high bulk densities without crates, banding or boxes. 
The rugged, 90-gauge stretch wrap delivers the strength of 120-gauge stretch wrap while using less plastic material and saving on cost.
Tested and optimized for high-speed, 360-degree orbital wrapping, the TAB Extra Heavy Duty packaging material is recommended for use with the company’s TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital wrappers, which automatically apply stretch wrap 360 degrees around and under the pallet and load to create a unitized load that resists shifting in transit. 
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Tube Storage, Retrieval System from BLM
BLM GROUP USA has launched a new automated tube storage and retrieval solution that fully integrates with the company’s tube laser systems, using special cassettes that can be loaded directly inside the machine.  The storage system automatically retrieves the correct material, quickly and safely bringing the material to the machine where it is loaded. 
When jobs are complete, the system will remove the used cassette with any remaining stock to be placed back into the tower. The system checks the stock level and updates the warehouse management software. Automating these tasks helps to improve workplace safety and productivity by reducing the amount of downtime caused by moving raw material between jobs or restocking unused materials.
For additional flexibility, BLM Group offers a second retrieval system style for use with a central warehouse. In this style, the desired bundle is automatically extracted from the storage tower and staged near the machine in a queue for either crane or forklift loading. This system is great for customers who have older legacy machines which can’t use the fully automated system.
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A New Approach to Sheet Order Filling from Canrack
The Bundle Splitter system by Canrack Metal Center Systems allows sheet order filling without any lifting, completely scratch-free and at a higher volume than achievable with traditional order filling methods.
The Bundle Splitter System is modular and scalable. High Volume Systems can be configured based on order volume, number of operators, material moving equipment, space available and budget. Low Volume Systems can range from a simple one-sided system to some tables. When paired with ‘tank conveyors,’ a splitter system can move and handle skid types that roller conveyors cannot, which improves both order volume out the door and material handling flexibility.
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Magnets for Burn Tables from Eriez
The Burn Table Full Coverage Lift Magnet Systems from Eriez utilize a large full-contact magnetic surface area to move multiple parts in a single lift. Customer results prove these advanced systems can quadruple burn table production and improve safety conditions by reducing employee exposure, the company claims.
Manually unloading burn tables can be a very time-consuming process. The Eriez system has the ability to pick up single sheets of thinner material from a stack for table loading, down to 3/16-inch sheet. This eliminates the need for spacers between sheets and time-consuming separation processes while loading the table.
Operation of the system requires only an overhead hoist and an air supply. The simple solenoid valve on the unit can be wired into existing crane controls, whether it is a wired pendant or hands-free radio control.  The air source can be from shop air, or a small, dedicated compressor mounted above on the crane bridge.
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Hyster Offers Battery-Powered Lift Truck
Hyster Company has launched an integrated lithium-ion battery-powered lift truck built to meet the demands of the fast-paced trucking industry. The J40XNL supports workflows common in trucking terminals, like loading and unloading trailers, with a strategic open-space design that prioritizes operator comfort and reduces the truck weight to improve acceleration and reduce energy consumption.
A four-wheel counterbalanced model with a 4,000-pound capacity, the J40XNL is a strong match for trucking with a low step height to reduce the effort needed to climb into the cabin; operator-centric ergonomics; improved truck feel with lower center of gravity to improve truck handling; maintenance- and emission-free power; and more. 
The J40XNL is a fit for other intense industries looking for solutions to help reach zero emissions targets, including general manufacturing.
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EMH Intros New Hoist
Engineered Material Handling recently introduced the new EG Series Hoist, providing next-generation enhanced features and benefits. Trolley adjustment is easier than ever with integrated and robust staging that stays tightly together during adjustment. 
The EG Series Hoist is designed to have a more spacious enclosure to accommodate much larger control panels and variable frequency drives. It has capacities of 3-, 5-, 7.5- and 10-metric tons, and 20-, 33-, 50- and 65-foot lifts. A 5-ton and 20-foot lift was introduced first. 
EG Series Hoists are currently available in monorail and double-girder models, providing a price and performance ratio that compares favorably with the best in the industry. The new EG Series Hoist makes it easier to adjust trolleys to a variety of flange widths and beam types. A longer adjustment tube maintains better hoist integrity and tighter staging during adjustment, and during opening and closing. A more reliable hexagonal drive shaft enhances adjustment and reduces the number of parts involved.  
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Fehr Delivers Reliability for Bar, Sheet  (Photo image)
Fehr is the preferred partner worldwide for automated storage and material handling solutions. Fehr stands for innovation with 100 percent process reliability for its bar and sheet stock systems. 
Fehr offers Swiss precision and the experience of more than 70 years to provide a turnkey solution to its customers in the U.S. market. From a single, manually operable storage tower to a fully automated warehouse with seamlessly connected sawing cells, lasers or picking robots, the customer gets exactly the solution he needs.
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KASTO Modernizes Warehouse
More and more metalworkers are relying on the automation and intelligent networking of individual workflows in production and logistics. This begins with the storage of the delivered raw material – instead of the previously widespread floor or cantilever storage, companies are increasingly relying on fully automatic long goods storage systems. These automated software-controlled systems have convinced users with their significantly higher storage density, fast access times and maximum stock transparency. 
The modern KASTO sawing machines can be seamlessly connected to the raw material warehouse by means of manipulators and conveyor technology and are supplied with the required materials. With the right components, storage, sawing, automation and robotics technologies can be combined to form decentralized and highly integrated systems that are seamlessly integrated into one continuous material flow. KASTO delivers combined storage-sawing-robot systems for its customers, in which all storage, handling, sawing, marking, palletizing and bundling processes run fully automatically, from the storage of the raw materials to the picking of the sections.
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