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BLM Intros 3D Cutting System
BLM GROUP USA has introduced the LT360 all-in-one 3D cutting system. The system features a fiber laser cutting head mounted on a 6-axis robot working in tandem with a part-handling robot to produce the most complex geometries in any 3-dimensional piece within a single process, helping to eliminate secondary cutting, drilling, punching, milling or deburring operations. 
The LT360 offers outstanding freedom of movement and the ability to process curved, hydroformed, preformed or pre-welded tubes as well as flat and/or stamped sheets in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and brass.  This all-in-one technology delivers a low cost per part, super-fast programming, ease of use and unlimited feasibility, BLM claims.
The LT360 is configurable and compact, consisting of a cutting head mounted on a 6-axis robot, and a table with a work area of 1,500 by 1,000 millimeters.  For increased productivity,  a  20-kilogram capacity handling robot and part-holding table can be integrated.  Available with a 2 kW or 3 kW fiber laser source, the cutting head features capacitive height sensing, allowing maximum freedom for cutting any three-dimensional profile in space to truly cut at 360 degrees with an accuracy of 0.15 millimeters and a repeatability of 0.05 millimeters. 
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Esco Offers Split Frame Machine
A new clamshell style, O.D.-mounted split frame machine that features fast, accurate, and easy to setup indexable tooling to part and bevel tube and pipe from 2 to 48 inches in diameter is being introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Mass.
The Esco COHOG Split Frame Machine has a stationary ring machined from 7075 aluminum alloy that is hard coated and supports a custom steel-forged, heat-treated and nickel-plated rotating ring using precision-tuned eccentric bearings.  Featuring indexable tooling with slides and trip mechanisms and a marked locating system, this clamshell style machine can be precisely aligned and quickly attached without shims or guesswork, Esco claims. 
Providing vibration-free operation, Esco COHOG Split Frame Machines have sealed construction to protect bearings and bearing races from debris.  Modular tool slides use tool steel blades or inserts with multiple cutting edges that offer more cuts per blade, and come in a variety of sizes for space-restricted applications.  Motor options include pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power that can be mounted in different orientations.
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Mazak Adds to Laser Lineup
Mazak Optonics Corp. has launched the latest in its laser-cutting lineup, the FT-150 FIBER. The FT-150 FIBER tube-cutting laser has been designed for high-speed cutting and reduced non-cutting process to improve cycle times for small- to medium-diameter tubes. The result is superior productivity with high throughput, the company claims.  
The FT-150 FIBER tube laser machine includes a unique design and a proprietary agile U-Axis to facilitate speed and productivity. The U-Axis offers impressive cutting speeds and superior part accuracy through a wide range of applications. It utilizes a 2.5D cutting head with focus detection. The programmable angle of the B-Axis enables bevel cutting of the material thickness providing for improved welding, multiple tube assembly, and fit and finish.
One specific option to improve productivity is extrusion-tapping.  This value-added process utilizes a rotary spindle and eight tool positions.  Any tool position can be deployed for direct tapping or combined with extrusion, providing proper thread depth. 
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ES Unveils Upcut Tube Saw Line
Innovative Engineered Solutions Inc. has launched a new line of electric upcut tube saws. The latest innovation from IES complements the company’s other green technology products including its all-electric sizers and servo presses.  
The new product line includes two standard models, including the eRB80 TS, capable of cutting tubes up to 90 millimeters in diameter, and the eRB150 TS, capable of sawing tubes up to 150 millimeters in diameter.  The saws are controlled with a standard Allen Bradley or optional Siemens PLC/HMI and uses an electric actuator for the sawblade coupled with pneumatic clamping.  
The control system is a digital, Ethernet-based control system with advanced diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and available production information.  The saws are designed with quick-change mounting for rapid changeover of tube fixtures. 
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t-cut Allows for Orbital Cutting of Tubes
The t-cut tube cutting machines from the mechanical engineering company transfluid makes it possible to use orbital cutting technology for tubes with a diameter of up to 80 millimeters. “Perfect cuts are one of the key production benefits of this technology, as well as fast cycle times and clean processes.  The RTO 628, for tube diameters of 6 to 28 millimeters, and the RTO 2080, for tube diameters of 20 to 80 millimeters, cut tubes with the greatest precision, including steel and stainless steel tubes,” said Director Stefanie Flaeper.
The intuitive controls of the system integrate very well with the production processes and can be combined with different concepts for loading tubes or flexible unloading systems, the company claims. Speed and flexibility are qualities found in the machine, whether standalone or as part of a production cell. 
As an all-in-one solution, the t-cut can manufacture medium and large volumes with different cutting options, using a cut-through, pull or pull-and-break method. Changing the setup for other tube sizes or lengths takes very little time.
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