New Product News-Pipe and Tube Processing

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Fully Automated Laser Tube Processing
The TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber system combines high processing speeds with a broad range of capabilities from delicate tubes for furniture to large profiles for agricultural machines. TRUMPF’s tube cutting machine rapidly cuts tubes and profiles with diameters of up to 10 inches and materials as thick as 0.625 inches. The machine also executes high-quality bevel cuts up to 45 degrees and is  capable of fully automated operation. 
The TruLaser Tube 7000’s loading unit can hold up to 11,000  pounds or 15,400 pounds of raw materials in its tube magazine, depending on the loading length of 21 feet or 30 feet. The LoadMaster Tube performs all the necessary settings automatically, reducing setup times. Before loading, software compares the tube and profile geometries with data stored in the control system, ensuring the right material is loaded. A gripper system transfers tubes from the magazine to the machine. 
As finished parts are unloaded, sensors test whether the machine has discharged them correctly.  
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Tube Features Found in INVEX
The cloud-based metal software INVEX contains features for steel and metal tube mills that produce metal tubes and pipe from slit coils. The INVEX metal ERP includes a highly optimized set of special production recording functions that include slit coil charging and tube production recording designed to accommodate the fast-paced manufacturing process normally associated with pipe and tube mills.
The INVEX Tube system includes special features for tube & pipe production that enables heat and tag traceability and test results recording. The production system also accommodates multi-step requirements for material that requires additional processing such as sawing, drilling or other processes, including outside processing. 
The production system enables operators to add slit coils to the production job as they are mounted to the tubing line. As each slit coil is mounted, the INVEX production system dynamically calculates the number of bundles that can be produced from the slit coil based on the packaging (pieces per bundle) requirements. 
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Voortman MO Compact Processes The Voortman MO 
Compact processes round pipes up to a diameter of 900 millimeters (36 inches) and up to a pipe weight of four metric tons.
The MO is a standardized compact machine equipped with six CNC-controlled axes. It provides 3D cutting with plasma and oxyfuel, delivering high-quality, reliable and accurate pipe profiling. 
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LT12 Expands Cutting Range
The new Lasertube LT12 from BLM Group is a fiber laser cutting system for tubes and metal profiles capable of cutting tubes from 25 to 305 millimeters in diameter, a processing range for fiber cutting that was previously missing from BLM GROUP’s machine portfolio.
LT12 can be equipped with different laser powers and is capable of processing tubes up to 62 kg/m. The structure is configured with a mandrel at the tail and a steady rest that supports the tube being cut. It is here we find one of the innovations of the Lasertube system, namely interpenetration, where the mandrel enters the steady rest to cut the end of the bar thereby achieving minimal waste.
As with all BLM GROUP’s Lasertube machines, the tube is supported throughout the processing line, providing precise and fast laser cutting on both small-diameter tubes and long, heavy tubes, while maintaining speed and precision over the range of processable diameters.
This is a flexible system that caters to multiple sectors but is of particular interest to those industries where it is common to find open and closed profiles that can be up to 305 millimeters in diameter.
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