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BLM’s Spoon Cleans Tubes
BLM GROUP has released Clean Tube Technology, also known as a “spoon,” designed for its lasertube machines to keep the inside of the tubes free of slag, debris and dust. The Clean Tube Technology probe is inserted into pipes during the cutting process and uses suction to capture spatter, gases and vapors produced during the cutting process. This option, which is available for BLM GROUP’s Lasertubes 8 inches and below, helps produce a clean and dross-free internal finish. 
The technology is especially well-suited for fabricators cutting stainless tubes for the water treatment, food processing or other clean environment industries.  Another reason fabricators look to this option is for their secondary process, which involves tube bending when using a mandrel. The cleaner the inside of the tube the longer the life of your mandrel. Capturing the debris during the cutting process eliminates the need for a secondary cleaning step after the cutting process, saving time and boosting productivity. 
The spoon is matched to each size of lasertube machine, automatically adjusting to the tube diameter.  An additional benefit is it helps to stop the laser beam from reaching the opposite side of the tube wall, delivering higher quality processed tubes.
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Beveler for End Preps
Apipe beveler that is easy to operate for performing precision end preps on pipe from 4.5 inches I.D. to 24 inches O.D. to ensure high-integrity welds has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Mass.
The Dictator II MILLHOG Pipe Beveler is an I.D. clamping welding end prep tool that aligns perfectly using self-centering clamps and can incorporate four blades in order to bevel, face, and bore or create a compound bevel. Featuring an adjustable tool post for easily indexing the blades, it can perform 37.5-degree to 10-degree compound bevels on a 24-inch O.D. pipe with a 2-inch-thick wall and is offered with air, electric and hydraulic powered motors.
Equipped with a patented safety spring hanger for easy positioning and clamping, the Dictator II MILLHOG Pipe Beveler uses one mandrel and a set of three wide clamps that provide six points of contact to the pipe I.D. to mount rigidly and ensure chatter-free operation.  This machine requires no cutting oils and is well-suited for use in fabrication shops or on-site.
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INVEX Offers Tube Features
The cloud-based metal software INVEX from Invera contains features for steel and metal tube mills that produce metal tubes and pipe from slit coils. The INVEX metal ERP includes a highly optimized set of special production recording functions that include slit coil charging and tube production recording, which are designed to accommodate the fast-paced manufacturing process normally associated with pipe and tube mills.
The INVEX Tube production system includes special features for tube and pipe production that enable heat and tag traceability and test results recording. The production system also accommodates multi-step requirements for material that requires additional processing such as sawing, drilling or other processes, including outside processing. 
The production system enables operators to add slit coils to the production job as they are mounted to the tubing line.  As each slit coil is mounted, the INVEX production system dynamically calculates the number of bundles that can be produced from the slit coil based on the packaging (pieces per bundle) requirements. To eliminate the need to combine production from different slit coils, the application can also automatically combine production from two slit coils into a single bundle.
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Continental Offers Tube Cut-Off Machines
Continental has a full line of pipe and tube cut-off machines for handling a large range of sizes: from ¼ inches up to 12-3/4 inches in diameter. The company’s machines use the rotary cut method to make cuts in seconds. The cuts are clean: leaving a minimal burr, no metal chips produced and not requiring coolant.
Continental also offers a full line of infeed and outfeed systems for handling any stock length and cut length. The systems have a variety of optional upgrades for increased production rates, including pneumatic indexing, tube bundle loaders, etc.
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TruLaser Tube 7000 Offered in 40-Foot Length
TRUMPF’s TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber laser cutting machine is available with loading lengths of 21 feet, 30 feet and now 40 feet. The new 40-foot tube loading length will give companies greater flexibility in utilizing longer raw material, and more optimized part nesting will reduce overall production costs. 
A newly introduced Touchpoint control benefits users through simpler operation. With optimized dialogs for tube handling and inventory, and simpler, better handling of weld seams, as well as inner and outer and profile detection, the TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber is easy to both use and operate. In addition, the TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber laser cutting machine is now available with a completely automated storage and retrieval system. 
The new storage and retrieval system can store up to approximately 100,000 pounds of round, square or rectangular tubes and automatically separate and load the TRUMPF tube laser without any operator intervention. The highly flexible system will optimize your tube cutting operations for the highest productivity. 
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Mazak’s F3-400 Maximizes Flexibility
Mazak Optonics’ F3-400 NEO features a 3D cutting head that maximizes flexibility and range of movement, expanding the range of potential applications.  A-axis and B-axis capabilities of the laser head enable cutting of tube, pipe and structural materials at any desired angle. 
Proprietary beam shape and diameter technology allow more control during the cutting process.  
The F3-400 automatically adjusts beam diameter and allows users the 
capability to select beam shape – where the power density of the laser beam is concentrated. This advanced technology efficiently processes various materials, features and thicknesses.
A four-chuck work support system extends the machine’s capacity and prevents material distortion. 
Specialized equipment enables high accuracy cutting of heavier material with larger diameters and lengths. For more information, visit

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