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A4 Cut Resistance Without Bulk
Application-specific cut standards remain the only way to specify cut-resistant protective gloves; however, A4 cut resistance has quickly become the de facto minimum standard for work gloves used in many applications. Foremen and plant managers alike trust its performance and feel confident putting their people in it when setting out for another hard day at work. 
Brass Knuckle SmartCut (BKCR4420) offers this highly desirable A4 cut resistance, plus a whole lot more, making it a value-added glove with plenty of upside, the company said.
SmartCut starts with a high-density polyethylene knit shell to provide ANSI cut level A4 protection without bulk, with a strength-to-weight ratio eight to 15 times higher than steel. But then SmartCut adds superior grip, moisture protection and a high degree of dexterity. 
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Customizable Railings Offered
The customizable EdgeSafe Safety Railing from P.S. Industries serves as the foundation for a complete safety system in any facility, the company claimed. By utilizing a universal, omnidirectional bracket, this safety railing is flexible enough to address almost any application and adaptable enough to follow virtually any required angle.
The EdgeSafe Safety Railing is easy to assemble and simple to install. From the top of the mezzanine to the ground level, it can be used to protect workers from elevated edges, control floor traffic or guard hazardous machines.
It meets OSHA 1910.29, ANSI A1264.1-2017 and Canadian COHS SOR-86-304 Section 2.12 and 2.13.
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Fume Extraction at the Source
Tweco, an ESAB brand, has introduced new models Centrovac fume extraction MIG guns that remove welding fumes at the gun nozzle to help meet OSHA and ACGIH standards. When paired with the appropriate extraction unit, Centrovac reduces exposure to hexavalent chromium, manganese, aluminum and other harmful fumes. The guns can assist with meeting particulate limits in the operator’s breathing zone and when working in confined areas, inside tanks or other situations with limited ventilation.’
“Centrovac MIG guns create a cleaner, healthier and more attractive work environment because they capture welding fumes at the source,” said John Esposito, global product manager, ESAB. “Our new guns are extremely effective and ergonomically designed for the best comfort and weld quality results. Even at high volumes and vertical up welds, Centrovac’s fume extraction will not interfere with its shielding gas coverage.”
The guns are offered in three separate models, depending on needs. 
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Safety Gloves to be Worn
Seventy percent of all job-related hand injuries can be attributed to workers deciding to forgo proper hand protection, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. For safety work gear manufacturer Ergodyne, this eye-opening stat is a rally point for developing work gloves aimed at the most basic of goals: to get worn. The company’s new ProFlex 7043 Nitrile Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves are the latest effort toward that end.
“We understand the importance of balancing dexterity and protection,” said Aaron Skemp, product manager, Ergodyne. “These gloves strike the perfect equilibrium to keep workers safe and productive.”
Made with a blend of A4 cut-resistance, 18-gauge dexterity and microfine nitrile grip to deliver true feel and breathable comfort, ProFlex 7043 Nitrile Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves are a direct response to popular pain points commonly cited by workers as reasons for not wearing hand protection.
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Safety Videos at the Machine
SaferMe, a leading workforce safety company, has announced the launch of SpotCast, a new video sticker platform. SpotCast enables instructional and safety videos to be easily embedded on durable QR Code stickers. The sticker is placed on any piece of equipment and employees simply scan it with their smartphone or tablet and watch the embedded video. No sign-up is required.
SpotCast solves the major challenge of how to easily deliver instructional videos to employees, at the right time and in the right place. Markets for the product include the manufacturing, engineering, utility, physical security, facility management, contracting and construction sectors.
“Doing a job for the first time can be difficult, dangerous or both. Next to in-person training, video is the best instructional medium, by far, for a business environment. Training managers can’t be next to someone all the time, to show employees exactly what to do. That’s where video comes in,” said Clint Van Marrewijk, CEO and founder of SaferMe.
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ProCube Extractor Upgraded
RoboVent, a Nederman Company and leader in industrial dust, fume and mist collection located in Sterling, Mich., has upgraded its popular ProCube portable Hi-Vac weld fume extractor with even greater power and mobility that delivers more extraction power and greater maneuverability.
Built to last, the powerful and portable ProCube II now features a 4 HP motor and 153 CFM to easily support up to two manual welders with fume guns and other applications requiring portable extraction power, the company claimed.
With four heavy-duty casters, the ProCube II can be easily moved by one person, so welders can stay highly mobile while working on large weldments. 
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Helmet Meets Safety Standards
In pursuit of creating the safest and most technologically advanced industrial helmet, North American safety helmet innovator STUDSON has introduced its new SHK-1 Full-Brim ANSI Type II Safety Helmet. The new full-brim helmet represents the first of its kind in the Type II safety helmet category. 
The SHK-1 Full-Brim safety helmet is designed to prevent traumatic brain injuries, featuring technologies to absorb impacts from fall-related injuries on any jobsite. It is the only full-brim safety helmet that complies with American National Standards Institute Z89.1 Type I and II safety standards, meaning it is designed to reduce force as a result of impacts to the front, back, sides and the top of the head. Most existing hard hats are only Type I compliant, meaning they are only rated to protect the head from falling objects, the company said. 
The new SHK-1 Full-Brim safety helmet is designed in conjunction with existing safety technology from the SHK-1 helmet model, including Koroyd welded tube polymer for absorbing impact. 
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Safety and Dexterity Combined 
Magid’s new VersaTek coating is an intelligent and durable technology that adapts to almost any environment so workers can get the job done without having to sacrifice safety, comfort, grip or dexterity with the gloves, the company claimed.
Specially engineered stabilizers allow this intelligent coating technology to read the environment and adapt to amplify the worker’s grip when working in wet, dry, slick, abrasive or oily conditions. Along with an amazing grip, VersaTek is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility so workers can maintain natural hand movements and precision when handling small parts. Plus, this coating delivers over 50 percent more abrasion resistance than other glove coatings like sandy nitrile or foam nitrile and consistently provides well above the minimum for the highest Level 6 abrasion level protection.
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Lifting to the Dock Height
The Rite-Hite Trailer Lift helps raise vehicles to proper dock height, while leveling the trailer bed to help protect cargo and make forklift loading/unloading more efficient and ergonomic. The RHTL features a reinforced platform and larger hydraulic cylinders for increased lift.
The RHTL’s design provides full, unobstructed access to a variety of vehicle types and loads, thus helping to provide a universal fit regardless of vehicle bed height. Its four-panel design allows for gentle inclines and declines of the deck surface to help keep the trailer bed level when raised.  
The RHTL features several technological enhancements that help make it even more safe, reliable, and efficient than its predecessors. Its upgraded hydraulic cylinders give it an additional two inches of lifting height compared with competitive models. The cylinder towers have been upgraded to feature a deflection technology design that helps protect it from impact by backing trailers, guiding it to center at the dock.
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